Arknights Celebrates 1.5 Anniversary with New Side Story Event

Join in on the celebration.
Join in on the celebration. Yostar Games

Arknights recently celebrated its one-and-a-half anniversary and introduced a new side story. It also offers new content, especially to those who have been with the game since the beginning.

By beginning, we mean the worldwide release, which was in January 2020. But the game was first released in China in May 2019. So what is it about? At its core, it’s a tower defense game. Players take on the role of a “doctor” and lead a team of “operators.”

New Side Story

The “Who Is Real” event started July 30 and runs until August 20. It’s available for a limited time with players getting rewards by finishing event missions and clearing event stages. To unlock it, players must clear the first 10 parts in the Main Storyline.

It’s actually divided into two phases which are:

  • Leave From Yourself
    • Duration: July 30 to August 13
  • Come to Yourself
    • Duration: August 6 to August 13

This new side story puts the Doctors in an ink-painted world. Inspired by the philosophy of Yin-Yang, it introduces a new mechanic called the Mark of “Hui and Ming.” What it does is give Doctors either buffs or debuffs on certain tiles.

Anniversary and Event Rewards

For this celebration, players can look forward to getting a lot of in-game giveaways. For example, when the event was launched, a free 10-roll headhunting permit began as well as 14 daily log-in pulls.

In addition, players also have a high chance of getting new operators. For instance, by joining in the Lungmen Lucky Strips event, they are rewarded with Orundums.

New Content

There are four new Operators that players can choose from:

  • Dusk
    • A 6-star AoE Caster.
    • Can summon a “Freeling” which increases her attack.
  • Saga
    • A 6-star vanguard.
    • Can restore her hit points.
    • Can give herself physical dodge when at low HP.
  • Mr. Nothing
    • A 5-star specialist.
    • Can increase his own attack.
    • Can stun enemies.
  • Lava the Purgatory
    • A 5-star caster
    • Can envelop her ally and herself in a ring of fire and deal Art Damage to enemies around.

New as well are outfits available on sale which are:

  • Nian: Unfettered Freedom
  • Ask: Doctor of Faces
  • Hung: Just a Driver

You can read all about the celebration here.

Arknights is available on Android and iOS.

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