Arknights: New Challenges Await in Dawnseeker

New challenges are here.
New challenges are here. Yostar Games

The new season of the Contingency Contract event in Arknights continues with Dawnseeker. This time, the doctors need to deal with the problem of visibility induced by special environmental effects. For this event, players have the chance to get their hands on a new outfit for asbestos. Meanwhile, a previous outfit for Cardigan is back in the Contingency Contract store. Finally, there's the new furniture known as Dawnseeker Pennant.

Dawnseeker starts today, August 30, and runs until September 13. The permanent site is the Kazimierz Grand Knight Territory Bar District, and it is here where doctors face invisible enemies. Players need to remember that it's not possible to place the doctors’ units within the range of invisibility. In addition, enemy units now pose a major threat since they can't be targeted.

Doctors also need to fight, among others, The Candle Knight Viviana, Nightzmora Follower, The Last Kheshing, and Tola. They need to use the Knight Trophy to cope with the visibility problem and defeat enemies. Doctors need to be careful as well in choosing different groups of operators and utilize special strategies during this contingency.

Rewards for this event include being able to redeem Glen Sonata and the new outfit for Asbestos for free in the Contingency Contract store. As already mentioned, doctors can also get the event furniture Dawnseeker Pennant.

Doctors can also look forward to obtaining the Operation Dawnseeker Engraved Medal Set and other resources such as:

  • Epic Specialist and Supporter Token
  • Polymerization Preparation
  • Module Data Block
  • Optimized Device
  • LMD
  • Tactical Battle Record
  • Furniture Part

An outfit rerun for Cardigan known as Cheerful Guardian is also available in the store.

Other Activities

Here are the other in-game activities that everyone can join:

  • Supplies and Chips Everyday Access
    • Duration: August 30 to September 13
    • Details:
      • All stages in Supplies and Chips stay open during the period.
  • New Annihilation - Hillock Countryside
    • Update Time: September 5
    • Unlock Requirement: Clear Main Storyline 2-8
    • Details:
      • South Prison is going to be replaced by New Annihilation Mission Hillock Countryside.
      • South Prison is added to the list of Hypothetical Annihilation Targets after it ends.
  • Record Restoration: Stories of Afternoon
    • Update Time: August 30
    • Details:
      • The Record Restoration of Stories of Afternoon is open after the next update.
      • The limited event rewards are permanently available for players to unlock.

Arknights is available on Android and iOS.

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