Arknights Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Dossoles Holiday

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Twitter/@ArknightsEN

The second anniversary of Arknights is here, and there's a lot of new content for everyone to enjoy. There's the new side story “Dossoles Holiday” that everyone can take on. Plus other content like new operators, login rewards, new holiday-style outfits, and a themed furniture set.

So much to unpack, so let's start with the Dossoles Holiday. This event started on January 14 and runs until February 11. For this story, you are invited to join Ch’en in her vacation at Dossoles, a Bolívarian city that offers beachside scenery and entertainment.

Following the journey of Ch’en, Doctors become involved in a grand event known as Dossoles Warrior Champion and have learned about the real threat to the city. This new episode introduces a new Sticker system.

New Operators

The anniversary event brings four new operators, which are:

  • 6-Star Sniper - Ch’en the Holungday
    • This limited operator is an AoE Sniper.
    • Her first talent gives her ammo-based skills a certain chance to not consume ammunition.
    • Her second talent increases her ASPD, especially when there is water terrain on the battlefield.
  • 6-Star Specialist – Mizuki
    • A crowd-control operator.
    • His talents increase his ATK and deal additional Arts damage to the target.
  • 5-Star Guard - La Pluma
    • Can’t be healed by allies due to her trait.
    • Can recover HP for every enemy hit during attacks.
    • Her talent grants her an increase in ASPD.
  • 5-Star Guard – Tequila
    • An event bonus operator.
    • His talent makes him deal some Arts damage to enemies that attack him.

Anniversary and Event Rewards

In celebration of the game’s second anniversary, there are some events and rewards that everyone can enjoy. From January 14 to January 29, Doctors can join the game and get access to a free 10-roll headhunting permit along with 14 free daily login pulls. In the Dossoles Amazing Wall event, Doctors are rewarded with Orundums. Meanwhile, an anniversary sign-in event is also live which introduces Orignium, elite materials, and limited furniture pieces.

New Arrivals at the Store

Take the time to visit the store and get your hands on these four outfits:

  • “Silent Night DN06” for Mudrock
  • “Light Breeze LB03” for Sideroca
  • “Light Breeze LB01” for Projekt Red
  • “Beach Guard GT002” for Jaye.

Learn more about the Dossoles Holiday here.

Arknights is available on Android and iOS.

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