Darkness Rises Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Legends Awaken

Happy Birthday. Nexon

The third-person action RPG Darkness Rises is celebrating its third birthday with a lot of new content and special anniversary events. Everything arrives courtesy of the Legends Awaken update. In addition to bringing in new things, it also moves the lore forward.

Before we take a closer look into what the new update has to offer, players who log in get a free gift. This offer is valid until August 22. The gift includes two Level 60 Rank S++ Weapons.

Legends Awaken

One of the new things that players can expect is Character Awakening. With this, existing characters can exceed their current abilities by unlocking new skills and the Awakening traits. Character Awakening Skills pretty much enhance the overall power of abilities while increasing the power to the maximum skill.

Players can also try and take on the new real-time co-operative raid. Beating the high-level boss Bakura can lead to the new high-level Rank L equipment. Players should also be able to craft more top-level gear with the materials they win. There are bonus rewards as well to be earned by playing with guild members.

Finally, players can take on upcoming events and the new raid to show everyone that they can truly protect the Mortal Plane. Rewards to be earned include the exclusive Wings.

In addition to the Legends Awaken game content, the update adds a series of timed events and rewards for players to join during the celebration with the following anniversary events:

  • 3rd Anniversary Login Event
    • Starting July 20 to August 16, players who log in for consecutive days receive a variety of items that include:
      • Gold
      • Gems
      • Pet Summon Tickets
      • Gear Summon Tickets
      • Rank S Refining Stones
      • Rank S Jewels
      • Rank S Runes
      • Players who log in for the full seven days receive the previous rewards plus Rank S++ Gear
  • ‚ÄčLucky Spin
    • Beginning July 20 to August 17, a special roulette event is happening at Iron Guard Square
    • Players can earn four types of third-anniversary coins once per day
    • The coins can be exchanged for gold.
  • Costume Collection
    • From July 20 to August 17, players who collect all parts of any specific costume in Costume Treasure Chest #9 receive a buff for that character lasting for four weeks
  • ‚ÄčMission Event
    • From July 20 up to August 17, players can finish certain missions during the allocated event period and earn points that can be used to redeem new items that include:
      • Rank L Awakening Stones
      • Rank L skill change tickets
      • Pet Eggs
      • High-level crafting materials

What are you waiting for? Log in and get that free gift.

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