Arcade Joins the Marvel Contest of Champions with Northstar Arriving Soon

MCOC Northstar
Can Northstar escape the clutches of Arcade? Kabam

Two new Champions are all set to join the fight in Marvel Contest of Champions. In fact the first one arrives today. The deadly assassin Arcade makes his way to the game.

Arcade is a notorious hitman who's known to have a flair for the dramatic. He became famous in the shadiest of circles when he refused to eliminate targets through conventional means. Instead, he prefers to construct what's known as "Murderworlds" where the contestants are trapped within after which Arcade finishes them off with his very own brand of chaos. He's always been hired to eliminate the X-Men but they've always managed to find a way to escape this traps. As a result, Arcade's reputation among the other villains has started to go down. In Battlerealm though it seems he gets to have more use with his deadly Murderworld technology.

The Northstar Arrives

Now if you want to get hero, wait until June 27 for Northstar to arrive. Northstar, or Jean-Paul Beaubier, is the twin brother of Aurora and a member of Alpha Flight, a superhero team based in Canada. He possesses different powers that include flight, hypersonic speed, and even photonic energy blasts. This makes him a truly swift force when it comes to battle. He's long been known to be an ally to the X-Men and is even a respected instructor at the Xavier Institute.

New Features and Improvements

The two Champions arrive to the game courtesy of update V45.0. It also introduces interesting new features to the game. One of these is Quick Heal which allows players to get back to the action faster. What this feature does is that it gives players information on how many revives and potions are needed to bring their Champion back to the fight. That means players need to choose the best options based on their inventory and stash.

There are also new improvements introduced to Battlegrounds through what's known as the Victory Track system. This makes the players' climb through the Victory Track to the Gladiator's Circuit more manageable. That's because the whole Victory Track now follows what's known as a "two medals gained per win, one medal lost per defeat" system. With this new system, players can also look forward to additional ranks and additional rewards added to each tier.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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