Deathless King Groot Joins the Roster of Marvel Contest of Champions

MCOC King Groot
This is not the Groot you know. Kabam

When Guardians of the Galaxy introduced Groot, a lot of people loved him. After all, who couldn't like this hero of a "few" words. Groot is joining Marvel Contest of Champions but it's not the one many of you are familiar with. That's because this one is none other than the Deathless King Groot.

You see, the Groot that we know is one that decided to stop his brutish ways and become part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This version is not from a place or time that's known for their kindness so be prepared for his arrival. To add this new Champion to their roster, players need to collect 5x Deathless King Groot pieces which can be obtained by completing specific in-game activities. If you're one of those who want to have this version of Grot, you'll need to complete the objectives since the pieces are available only for a limited period.

You can see a preview of Deathless King Groot in The Twisted Branches trailer which you can watch below:

The Summoner's Choice

Back in January, Marvel Contest of Champions asked players to choose the next bad guy to join the fight. The votes have been counted and it looks like the one picked for Summoner's Choice is none other than Shathra. From eight candidates, she managed to get 52.5% of the total votes.

MCOC Summoners Choice
Give a big hand for the winner. Kabam

Who exactly is Shathra? She's the daughter of the goddesses Oshtur and Gaea as well as the older sister of Neith. Neith is the one responsible from creating the Web of Life and Destiny, which serves as the model of the whole multiverse and allows for travel between realities. However, before Neith came with her creation, it was actually Shathra who was asked to do something similar and created what's known as the Great Nest. However, her mothers were not impressed and gave Neith a chance for which she was successful.

While Shathra initially agreed to accept the decision, her heart was eventually corrupted with the jealousy she had for her younger sister. It reached a point where Shathra's hatred and envy consumed her and turned her into a wasp-like goddess. This also gave her different superhuman attributes through the totemistic Spider-Wasp. Though her powers are similar to Spider-Man's, these same powers are superior to that of the web-slinger.

Shathra arrives to the game later this year.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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