Marvel Contest of Champions Welcomes Dust and Ironheart this February

Marvel Champions Dust Ironheart
A new duo arrives this month. Kabam

Two new champions are joining the roster of Marvel Contest of Champions this February. The young prodigy Ironheart is all set make her presence felt on February 15. Meanwhile the transmorph mutant Dust arrives to the game on February 29.

Ironheart is Riri Williams, a 15-year-old engineering student studying at MIT. Making use of materials stolen from campus, this super-genius designed her very own suit of armor similar to the Iron Man armor. After learning what she did, Tony Stark visited her and didn't hesitate to help Riri achieve her desire of becoming a superhero.

Sooraya Qadir was formerly a member of the X-Men and is currently part of The Champions. As the mutant Dust, she has the ability to turn her human body into loose silicon particles and create devastating sandstorms. She was eventually able to master her control over sand from training with the X--Men at the Xavier Institute. She now uses her ability to bring down threats around the world with her friends and teammates.

Vending Machines Galore

Aside from the two new champions, there are also a lot of new things to do courtesy of a new update. The first of these is Forbidden Fruit. In this one, it seems that strange vending machines have started to appear across The Battlerealm. However, both Ironheart and Dust are having doubts and believe there's no such thing as a free lunch.

It turns out they may be right as it appears those who eat the suspicious contents of the vending machines fall under a blissful mood and then try to convince others to follow this new diet trend. It's to learn more about where these vending machines come from and who exactly is responsible for this one.

Love is in the Suit

February may be the month of love but for some it can be tough, and a suit of armor may be needed. The good news is that Ironheart is here to lend a helping hand by building special romance-seeking-suits. Be sure to Listen to your Ironheart and gather the materials needed for the suits in Shattered Ironheart Rifts. Help the couples that are in conflict realize that love was there all along by using Heart-Coded Keys.

See what else is happening this February here.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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