Apex Legends Season 10 Legend Teased, Ranked Arenas Confirmed

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During the EA Play Spotlight Series showcase, game director Chad Grenier shared a few details about Apex Legends Season 10 and the upcoming legend.

Grenier confirmed that the next legend would be a male but confirmed nothing about the legend's role or abilities. According to a post, one of the biggest leaks is the voice lines for the possibly upcoming legend called Seer.

Grenier also shared that Apex Legends will continue to evolve beyond its initially introduced Battle Royale mode. While Battle Royale holds the center stage for the game, the developers plan to expand the Apex Legends experience with new game modes like Arenas. Arenas were introduced with Season 9 to positive reception among fans. Now, it seems that Respawn will look into adding a Ranked mode for Arenas as well.

Fans might have already wondered as to why Arenas did not have a Ranked mode at launch. According to Grenier, Respawn believes in holding back content until the developer feels confident it is ready for release.

Additionally, Grenier expressed how Respawn is being flexible with release dates to only deliver high-quality content. As the conversation continued, Respawn head Vince Zampella spoke about the effort and time needed to produce new content, such as creating a new character and new maps.

Apex Legends currently has a Genesis Collection event going on that allows fans to jump into the original version of Kings Canyon and World's Edge. The event also comes with exciting cosmetic items for purchase and a new heirloom item for Revenant.

On July 8, Respawn posted a new trailer for the upcoming Thrillseeker Event, which features a new Arenas map called Overflow and more cosmetic items. The Thrillseeker event will begin on July 13, right after the Genesis Collection Event comes to a close.

While it is exciting to know that Respawn is all set to release new content for the game, players have been criticizing the developer for its lack of effort in combating cheaters in the game. On top of it all, Apex Legends ' game mode playlists were also hacked recently to promote the "save Titanfall" message. Respawn did fix the issue, but fans are waiting for the developer to share more information.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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