Apex Legends: "ThrillSeekers" Event Will Introduce a New Arenas Map

Overflow Map
Overflow Map EA

The Apex Legends ThrillSeekers event will go live on July 13, and players can expect a new Arenas map. This map is called “Overflow,” set on a stage that’s on top of lava.

According to the developers, it is different from other Arena maps for it is more lane-focused. It means players will be separated by towering lava-filled structures.

Because they are separated, players must go around the structures and regroup before the opponents find them. This requires them to remain vigilant at all times or risk getting flanked or outnumbered.

Despite the presence of tall structures, there are some avenues or POIs (Points of Interest) where long-range play is possible. However, it is worth noting that the map favors short-to-medium range combat, so this arena may not be suitable for sniper mains.

Points of Interest

There are two points of interest for long-range combat. These are the “Overlook” and the “Slope.”

The Slope provides players with the perfect avenue to snipe their enemies. But more importantly, this area is great for setting up defenses or flanking enemies where they least expect it.

Overlook also provides players with a height advantage, though it has more open space than the Slope. Overlook is a long, open area with a central interior where players can go up to one of the structures or protect the interior to avoid possible enemy flanks.

ThrillSeekers Event

The event will run for three weeks, and each week will provide a different set of rewards.

On week one, players will have a chance to get the Rampart Wastelander set, which consists of the Legendary Rampart skin, as well as a matching gun charm and weapon skin.

In the second week, players will be given some Battle Pass boosters, Apex packs, and crafting metals. This may be the perfect time to unlock all of the things that the Battle Pass has to offer.

In the final week, players will have the chance to get the Lethal Enforcer Bangalore skin and other goodies.

All of the event challenges will refresh daily, and players can earn over 1,000 points if they are so inclined. Stretch challenges are also available during the event, and completing them will reward players with four unique badges.

Aside from Stretch challenge badges, there will also be three additional badges that players can unlock each week after reaching certain milestones in the Arenas.

For Week 1, players will have to complete a total of 20 games. Those who want to get the Week 2 badge should get at least 100 knockdowns in the Arenas. Finally, the Week 3 Badge can be acquired by dealing 12,000 damage in total.

Cosmetics Sale

In addition to unique badges, the event will also kick off the Summer Splash Sale. The sale has the Voidwalker Pack bundle, the Youngblood Pack bundle, and so much more.

The Apex Legends ThrillSeekers event will launch on July 13 and end on July 27.

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