Shroud Looking To Leave Apex Legends

One of Twitch's biggest streamers is looking to move to another game.
The game's biggest streamer may move on to something else.
The game's biggest streamer may move on to something else. Twitch

Apex Legends’ most popular streamer might leave the game, which could spell its inevitable doom.

When it first released in February of this year, Apex Legends looked like it could dominate the whole battle royale scene. Developer Respawn Entertainment managed, against all odds, to make a surprisingly entertaining battle royale game that separated itself from its various competitors. Respawn took steps into replicating what it did for its seriously underrated Titanfall and translated it into Apex Legends – the scale of combat in every corner, the fluidity of your movement, the sleek gunplay and animations and the thrill of each encounter, now available for free in a battle royale game that is not PUBG or Fortnite.

The growth of Apex Legends was so impressive that for a brief moment in time after its initial release, battle royale enthusiasts began to seriously consider it as a worthy contender to Fortnite, the reigning king of battle royale games. This was bolstered by the fact that Apex Legends began breaking records that Fortnite itself seemed like inevitably holding for the following years, and as such, it then looked as if there was now a neck-and-neck high-speed race between Epic Games’ reigning champion and Electronic Arts’ eager upcoming contender.

Instead of a meteoric rise, however, Apex Legends has now fallen into a slump while Fortnite itself tramples over what seems to be just another flavor of the month. Issues like hackers, server lag, the lack of content updates and just the general of sense of abandon as smaller things like hit box issues persist weeks after they were discovered are just some of the reasons why many players, including its most famous streamer, Shroud, is looking to completely stop playing the game altogether.

A clip of the streamer venting his frustrations on the game recently made its rounds onto the internet, as well as highlighting the problems associated with the game.

"I got about three games left before I quit this game forever...forever, I think. I'd rather play PUBG. And that's saying something."

Unlike most properties, a part of the success of a battle royale game can be directly attributed to content creators and streamers who play the game, as is the case of the streamer Ninja and his Fortnite following. If Shroud does indeed leave Apex Legends, it could be another nail in the coffin for what was otherwise such a promising game.

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