Apex Legends Emergence is Bringing Back a Horrible Hop-up

Apex Legends Emergence
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Apex Legends is known to get major balancing changes every season, and Season 10 Emergence is no different. The upcoming season will bring a brand new LMG, Rampage. However, it will also make some changes to existing weapons that can alter the meta.

Care Package Weapon Rotations

Added Weapons

Both Spitfire and Alternator are going to be Care Package weapons. Meaning, you won’t be able to loot them from the ground, and they won’t be available for purchase in Arenas mode. Spitfire will be getting a buff where its previous nerf will be reverted, so expect to be OP again.

Speaking of OP weapons, nothing scares Apex players like Alternator with Disruptor Rounds. Disruptor Rounds was a hop-up released back in Season 2. It was so strong that the developers removed it the very next season. The weapon amplifies the damage done to the armor, similar to how Hammerpoint amplifies damage to health.

Alternator with Disruptor Rounds
Alternator with Disruptor Rounds Reddit

The Alternator is coming back as a Care Package weapon. It will come equipped with Disruptor Rounds making it arguably the strongest gun in the game.

Removed Weapons

The weapon that will be removed from the Care Package is Prowler. The SMG will become ground loot. However, the Select Fire hop-up will be removed from the game, which means there is no way to make the Prowler an automatic weapon. You will have to stick with the five-burst fire. You will also be able to purchase the Prowler in Arenas mode.

Added and Removed Hop-ups

Removed Hop-up

Emergence will be making changes to several hop-ups. Both Anvil Received and Quick Draw will be removed from the game. But the advantages of Quick Draw will be automatically applied to pistols to a lesser degree.

New Hop-up

A new hop-up, Booster Loader, will be added to the game. The hop-up can be attached to Hemlock and Wingman. This will make the weapon reload faster and gives players additional ammo if reloaded at the correct time.

Other Changes

L-Star Attachments

L-Star is going to be slightly strong now. You will be able to attach barrel stabilizers and extended energy magazines to it. The higher the level of the mag, the higher the time it will take the weapon to overheat. The extended mag will also allow L-Star to cool down quickly.

Eva-8 Nerfed

Eva-8 is an incredibly strong weapon, especially in higher-level plays. The developer is reducing the fire-rate of the weapon when it’s equipped with shotgun bolts.

Attachments Changes

When Emergence launches, the extended magazine will no longer affect the reload speed. Instead, reload speed will be reduced by Standard and Sniper Stocks. So, the higher the level of the Stock, the faster the reload is.

Also, Marksman Rifles will no longer use Standard Stocks. You will have to attach Sniper Stocks to it to get the desired advantages.

These upcoming changes are almost confirmed. The complete patch notes for Season 10: Emergence will be available in a couple of days. Emergence will also tweak four existing legends. Check out our previous article for more information.

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