Bored Gamer Plays Apex Legends On Airport Monitor

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It's no doubt that Apex Legends is a popular Battle Royale, and a bored gamer at an airport couldn't stop himself from squading up for some action before his flight.

Typically, people come up with common ways to beat long and boring waiting hours at airports. Sometimes they indulge in books, taking a nap, or playing video games. Playing video games at the airport mostly means using a smartphone or Nintendo Switch. However, this was not the case for this Apex Legends player.

According to recent news from The Oregonian, an unidentified Apex Legends gamer at Portland International Airport decided to beat his boredom by plugging his PlayStation 4 into one of the information monitors in the airport. A spokesperson for Port of Portland confirmed that the monitor is used to showcase the facility map.

Stefan Dietz, who happened to witness the hilarious scene, promptly clicked a picture and posted it to Twitter. Stefan said that the gamer was also speaking to his teammates through a headset.

Upon catching the attention of airport officials, the gamer was asked to unplug his PS4 and he even politely requested if they could allow him to finish the match. Unfortunately, the officials had to deny his request, causing him to leave the match immediately and turn off his console.

"We would love travelers to plug into our power outlets, but just ask that they don’t plug into anything else," Kama Simonds, a spokesperson of Port of Portland, told The Oregonian.

It was on January 16, when for a brief moment, travelers got to see a rather different map instead of restaurant and restroom locations. The fire and ice-themed World's Edge map is the current map in use for Apex Legends. Given that the game is currently running a limited-time event, the gamer might have been looking for opportunities to maximize his time in the Grand Soiree Arcade mode.

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