Apex Legends Data Miner Discovers A Compound Bow In Game Files

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Recently, Respawn dropped a brand-new Season 6 trailer for Apex Legends, revealing the new Legend, Rampart, and the energy-based Volt SMG. The upcoming season promises to add new features to the game, including crafting. While the trailer itself doesn't tell a whole lot about what to expect, a reputable dataminer going by the name Shrugtal has revealed some important bits of information regarding a rather amusing weapon that could be coming to Apex Legends sometime in the future.

If you have been following Apex Legends' trailers and teasers over the last year, you must have noticed that Respawn likes to hide several easter eggs within their reveals. Similarly, a recent teaser image has been making the rounds on the internet for an interesting reason. Shrugtal shared an image on their Twitter account revealing a lootable compound bow. The image was created by Respawn artist Austin Arnett, who shared his work on Imgur, but failed to notice the presence of an unrevealed bow in the image.

Back in June, Shrugtal also mentioned that the popular battle royale will introduce a new arrow-based ammo type. At that time, however, the dataminer stated that the arrow-based weapon could only be a part of one of the game's limited-time events.

Shrugtal has gained tremendous reputation for their information accuracy. The dataminer is known for sharing quite a lot of information about Apex Legends, including content that will be coming far in the future.

Even if the compound bow only makes it to limited-time events, it doesn't really mean that the weapon will not be a part of the main game. In the latest limited-time event, Respawn introduced the mobile respawn beacon that allowed players to call their teammates to rejoin the fight anywhere on the map. The new utility continued to be a part of the main game after the limited-time event concluded, suggesting that the compound bow could also become a part of the main game if everything goes as planned.

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