Apex Legends Brings Back Always Be Closing With Evo Shields

Always Be Closing Evolved
Always Be Closing Evolved Rectify Gaming

With Season 6 just a week away from release, Apex Legends is concluding Season 5 with a fun limited-time event. The limited-time event is called Always Be Closing Evolved. The event has already appeared in the past, but this time around you'll be dropping into the game with an evo-shield.

Apex Legends confirmed on its official Twitter account that starting today, players will be able to jump into the limited-time Always Be Closing Mode. The mode was originally introduced in Season 3, and involves a constantly closing ring that dramatically increases the pace of each round.

The mode was already data mined earlier this year ahead of its official reveal, but the details were unclear. The mode will run from August 11 to August 18 and anybody participating in it will drop with a Mozambique and Evo Shield to start with. Players then need to search for loot, level up their shields, and stay ahead of the constantly closing ring.

The Mozambique has a really underwhelming performance in the game and perhaps the devs want players to use it a bit more by putting everyone on the same page as the mode starts. Additionally, adding the Hammerpoint Hop-up to the weapon significantly increases its damage to opponents without armor.

Now is also a great time to level up your Battle Pass and complete any remaining challenges. While Respawn has been quiet about future plans and updates, Apex Legends' writer Tom Casiello suggested that players will be experiencing new lore for Legends like Mirage and Bangalore. Some fans are also speculating that a new map called Olympus will arrive in the game sometime in the future. Olympus is the homeland of Lifeline and Octane. Rumors also suggest that Caustic will be getting an heirloom weapon in Season 6.

Respawn recently launched a Stories for the Outland video that showcases the bond between Bangalore and the upcoming Legend Rampart. The video ended with Blisk offering Rampart an opportunity to participate in the Apex Games.

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