Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Rose Festival Guide: How To Plant Seeds, Catch Bats And More

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Lotties Gothic Rose Festival Guide
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp': Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival Guide (c) Nintendo

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp ’s latest event, Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival, is now live. Here’s our guide to Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival, including all the best tips and tricks for making the most of this limited-time event.

When Does Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival Event Begin?

The event starts Feb. 1 at 1 a.m. EST to Feb. 10 at 12:59 a.m. EST. Like Rover’s Garden Safari, this event is divided into two halves. The second half of the event starts on Feb. 6 at 1 a.m. EST. The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has made adjustments to catch rates based on feedback from the Rover’s Garden Safari event.

How To Play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp's Rose Festival Event: Tips & Tricks For Catching All the Bats

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Capturing rare bats reqiures planting the right seeds in the Animal Crossing Pocket Campe Rose Festival Event. Photo: Player.One

Step 1: Collect Seeds -There are two types of seeds you can collect during this event: g. purple rose seeds, which can be ordered from Lloid using Bells as well as from animal requests, and g. red rose seeds, which can only be obtained by fulfilling animal requests.

Step 2: Grow Plants - Once you have seeds, plant them to grow seasonal plants. When the plants grow, rare creatures will be drawn to them. The gothic bat is drawn to the purple roses, while the golden gothic bat is drawn to red roses.

  • Pro Tip: Leave 2 to 6 flowers available for your friends to share the seasonal animals.
  • Pro Tip: The ruby gothic bat and diamond gothic bat are available from Feb. 6 at 1 a.m. EST, as are gothic fusion roses.

Step 3: Collect Rare Creatures - Use your net to catch the gothic bats. The more you catch, the more rewards you get from Lottie.

  • Pro Tip: You can use Leaf Tickets to have Lloid catch rare creatures for you at the cost of 10 leaf tickets per creature.
animal, crossing, pocket, camp, rose, festival, guide, how, to, get, bats, rare, creatures, Rosie, gothic
Follow our guide for the best chance to capture all the rare bats in the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Rose Festival event. Photo: Player.One

Step 4: Help Friends - Once you catch rare creatures you are able to share them in your friends’ gardens. Sharing with other players means you’ll be rewarded seeds from Lottie, usually the harder-to-obtain gothic red rose seeds.  

  • Pro Tip: All rare creatures and seasonal plants in your inventory will be converted to Bells once the event ends, and any rare creatures in your garden will disappear. Seasonal plants cannot be cross-pollinated. Seasonal seeds, plants, or creatures captured in excess of inventory limits will be lost. You can plant seasonal seeds at any time once the event ends, but once the event is over, rare creatures will not appear, you won’t be able to order the seasonal seeds from Lloid and you won’t get them from fulfilling animal requests.

Gothic Rose Packs Now Available

You can purchase Gothic Rose Packs as follows:

Just select the Leaf Tickets icon from the More menu. The packs are limited to one purchase per person.

Phase 1 Rewards

animal crossing pocket camp event
Via Reddit Photo: (c) Nintendo
  • Task 1-1: Gothic bat x3 → Gothic rose cage x1

  • Task 1-2: Gothic bat x6 → Flower food x20

  • Task 1-3: Gothic bat x9 → Cool essence x10

  • Task 1-4: Gothic bat x12 → Leaf ticket x5

  • Task 1-5: Gothic bat x15 → Gothic lolita buns x1

  • Task 1-6: Gothic bat x20 → Hip essence x10

  • Task 1-7: Gothic bat x25 → Flower food x60

  • Task 1-8: Gothic bat x30 → Natural essence x15

  • Task 1-9: Gothic bat x40 → Gothic lolita dress x1

  • Task 1-10: Gothic bat x60 → Gothic rose fence x1

  • Task 2-1: Golden gothic bat x3 → Flower food x20

  • Task 2-2: Golden gothic bat x6 → Gothic silk top hat x1

  • Task 2-3: Golden gothic bat x9 → Gothic rose lamp x1

  • Task 2-4: Golden gothic bat x12 → Cute essence x10

  • Task 2-5: Golden gothic bat x15 → Gothic rose guitar

  • Task 2-6: Golden gothic bat x20 → Hip essence x10

  • Task 2-7: Golden gothic bat x25 → Flower food x60

  • Task 2-8: Golden gothic bat x30 → Gothic rose fence x1

  • Task 2-9: Golden gothic bat x40 → Gothic rose drums

  • Task 2-10: Golden gothic bat x50 → Leaf ticket x15

Phase 1 Trade

  • Gothic Purple Roses x20 → potted g. purple roses

  • Gothic Purple Roses x5 → steel x10 (5 times)

  • Gothic Purple Roses x5 → wood x10 (5 times)

  • Gothic Purple Roses x5 → cotton x10 (5 times)

  • Gothic Purple Roses x5 → preserves x10 (5 times)

  • Gothic Purple Roses x5 → paper x10 (5 times)

  • Gothic Purple Roses x10 → flower food x10 (5 times)

  • Gothic Red Roses x20 → potted g. red roses x1

  • Gothic Red Roses x10 → sporty essence x3 (2 times)

  • Gothic Red Roses x10 → natural essence x3 (2 times)

  • Gothic Red Roses x10 → cute essence x3 (2 times)

  • Gothic Red Roses x10 → cool essence x3 (2 times)

  • Gothic Red Roses x10 → rustic essence x3 (2 times)

  • Gothic Red Roses x10 → hip essence x3 (2 times)

  • Gothic Red Roses x10 → flower food x20 (10 times)

Event Challenges

  • Harvest flowers 250 times → leaf tickets x20

  • Harvest flowers 200 times → 5000 bells

  • Harvest flowers 150 times → cool essence x10

  • Harvest flowers 100 times → 3000 bells

  • Harvest flowers 50 times → cotton x20

  • Harvest flowers 30 times → paper x20

  • Harvest flowers 20 times → Bells x1000

  • Harvest flowers 10 times → steel x10

  • Plant seeds 200 times → Leaf tickets x10

  • Plant seeds 150 times → sports essence x10

  • Plant seeds 100 times → 3000 bells

  • Plant seeds 50 times → paper x25

  • Plant seeds 30 times → cotton x15

  • Plant seeds 20 times → leggings x20

  • Plant seeds 10 times → paper x5

  • Catch 5 rare creatures → paper x5

  • Catch 30 rare creatures → cotton x20

  • Catch 20 rare creatures → wood x15

  • Catch 10 rare creatures → Steel-toed boots x1

  • Catch 40 rare creatures → Steel x25

  • Catch 50 rare creatures → 2500 bells

  • Catch 70 rare creatures → natural essence x10

  • Catch 100 rare creatures → leaf tickets x10

  • Catch 150 rare creatures → cute essence x10

What are your thoughts on Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival? Do you have any hot tips or tricks to add to our guide? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.

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