Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Jack’s Confection Collection Event Details Announced

Jack has a lot of activities for everyone this month.
Jack has a lot of activities for everyone this month. Nintendo

October is all about the spooky stuff. This month in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, prepare for some exciting wicked activities and rewards. The highlight for this month is Jack’s Confection Collection. Today we take a quick look at what this event has to offer.

Overall, there’s eight different activities, which are:

  • Bring on the candy!
    • Jack’s back and he’s going to give treats in exchange for sweets.
      • Collect batty swirl lollipops in order to earn a spooky Halloween arch, flapping bats, or bat beret.
  • Fishing Tourney: Potions
    • This month the Fishing Tourney gives you the chance to catch special fish and get potion-themed rewards in return.
      • How it works is that once you catch some tourney fish, have them measured afterwards.
      • When the total size manages to reach a goal, you can get in-game elixir-inspired rewards like a potion decanter, shelf of potions, and even potion set.
  • Garden Event: Jack’s Creepy Conjuring
    • This month’s Garden Event is pumpkin-inspired and hosted by none other than Jack.
    • Go ahead and plan some presto pumpkins in order to attract magic hatbats.
      • Collect these creatures and then give them to Jack in return for event-exclusive items that include the spellcaster set, magic starry cauldron, and mystic pumpkins.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Fright-Night Scavenger Hunt
    • Gather fright-night gyroidite and in return receive items like fright-night balloons, pumpkin treat basket, and dark angel wings.
  • New Fortune Cookie: Chief’s fall feels cookie
    • Grab one of Chef’s fall feels cookie and crack it open to get a treat.
      • Each cookie has a single item like the lovely autumn bistro set, autumn evening swing, or even the pumpkin record player.
  • Happy Homeroom: New Event Classes for October
    • For all the items you’ve collected in September, get the chance to use them and practice your interior design skills.
    • This month there are two new Happy Homeroom event classes which are Potion Commotion and Twilight Halloween.
      • Lottie and friends are going to grade your designs and if you do manage to pass a class, you'll get HH Material and Furniture puzzle HH Medals.
      • If you earn enough medals your HH Rank is sure to go up.
  • Evil Elegance Wall & Floor Collection
    • October is offering the Evil Elegance Wall & Floor Collection is available for crafting.
    • Items include witching-hour wall, black quilted rug, dark flagstone floor, and more.
    • Don’t worry, you don’t have to be evil in order to enjoy crafting these items.
  • Catch creatures to complete goals
    • For this month, try and collect creepy-sounding creatures like gigas giant clams and vampire crabs.

Are you excited yet for October in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Let us know in the comments section below.

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