Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Brings New Experience With AR Features

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See what new features are here.
See what new features are here. Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has always offered relaxation and recreation for everyone, and all of it from the palm of your hand. Recently Pocket Camp released an update which introduces some exciting new AR features to keep gamers checking back in on their camps.

New AR Features

There’s no doubt that Pocket Camp includes familiar faces, as well as fan-favorite characters, from the Animal Crossing franchise. With the new AR features, players can experience some these characters coming to life in different ways.

The first is through the AR Camera. With this, players can choose a spot in the real world and then put their favorite Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp pals and furniture within that scene and then take a snapshot.

The second is the AR Cabin. In this one, players get to enter the same space as their animal pals and then get some time to chat with them face-to-face. What players actually do is design a Cabin and then put in whatever amenities and furniture they want. After that, they can then invite a maximum of eight characters to join them. The door of the Cabin can be placed anywhere in real life where players can then “enter” the Cabin that they’ve just created.

Monthly Subscription

Starting November 20, additional areas in players’ campsites are going to be available to place furniture and items. That means there’s more room to personalize each campsite.

Anyway, everyone has the chance to enjoy a free month of Furniture & Fashion Plan, typically priced at $7.99. For long-time players who haven’t tried this subscription, now is a good time since this offer is extended to everyone.

The Furniture & Fashion Plan is a good way for player to collect furniture items and clothing. One of the advantages of this subscription is that members get to choose and eat five fortune cookies per month from the cookies on sale. Fortune cookies offer exclusive clothing and furniture. In addition, this subscription also allows for expanded storage.

Supported Devices

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp revealed that with Version 4.0, some smart devices are no longer going to be supported. For now the devices that are supported include:

  • iOS Devices
    • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iOS version 11.0 or later
  • Android Devices
    • Devices running Android OS 5.0 or newer
    • Devices with 1.5GB or more of RAM
    • Devices with 64-bit CPU

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available for both Android and iOS.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: It's A Good Game, Brent
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp successfully preserves the charm and simplicity of the original while tweaking their formula for mobile.
  • Charming like the original
  • Fluid, sensible gameplay
  • Easy to find friends
  • Timers everywhere
  • Premium currency exists
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