Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Launching Anniversary Activities This Month

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A lot of fun things to do.
A lot of fun things to do. Nintendo

It’s a new month and for all Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp campers, it looks like there’s a lot to do. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is launching some third anniversary celebration event festivities. Today we take a peek at what these are.

The anniversary festivities start off with a task for campers to cast their vote for their favorite animal pals through a series of questions that will determine who’s who at the campsite. Be prepared for some questions on personality, style, and many more.

Campers need to have a Nintendo Account in order to vote. Those who manage to log-in and vote get icons that can be used on social media. There are also special wallpapers based on the number of times someone votes. Don’t forget the My Nintendo Platinum Points reward either. Campers can vote here, and you need to hurry since voting ends this Saturday, November 7 at 9:59 ET. Results are then going to be released on November 19.

Here are the other events being offered this month:

  • Fishing Tourney: Fintastic
    • C.J. is hosting a Fishing Tourney and those who manage to catch special fish receive fintastic rewards. It’s simple to participate. Once you catch some tourney fish, get them measured and when the total size reaches a goal, you get in-game rewards. These include a curved fish tank, barreleye tank, and umbrella octopus tank.
  • Garden Event: Isabelle Pastel Party
    • For this month’s Garden Event, Isabelle has the hosting duties. Naturally, that means that this Garden Event is pastel-inspired. Plant astrablooms and collect partyflaps that gather. Give them to Isabella for the chance to earn event exclusive items like a pastel pastry plate, pastel cloud rug, and pastel hoodie dress.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Pastel Pop
    • Go on a hunt and collect pastel-pop gyrodites. In return, get to earn items like a pastel-balloon backdrop, pastel-pop top hat, and pastel-balloon balls.
  • Seasonal Event: Third Anniversary Celebration
    • Isabelle is hosting again and this time it’s the Seasonal Event. Go out and collect third-anniversary candles in order to earn items that include the third-anniversary cake, third-anniversary cake stand, and pastel flower shower.
  • New Fortune Cookie: Dom’s funfair cookie
    • Grab one of Dom’s funfair cookies and earn a treat. Each cookie contains a single item, like a funfair ferris wheel, funfair swing ride, or funfair concession cart.
  • Happy Homeroom: New Event Classes for November
    • Use items you’ve collected this month and get to flex those interior design skills in two new sets of Happy Homeroom event classes: Funfair Fantasy and C.J.’s Fintastic Friends.
    • Lottie and friends are going to grade your designs and, if you pass a class, you get HH Material and Furniture puzzle HH Medals.
    • Earn enough medals and increase your HH Rank.
  • Gulliver’s Washed-Up Goals
    • Help Gulliver find his missing communicator parts to complete these special goals.
  • Flick’s Segmented Soulmates
    • Flick has arrived at the campsite.
    • Complete his bug-catching goals to earn special in-game rewards that include the butterfly-exhibit fountain.
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: It's A Good Game, Brent
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp successfully preserves the charm and simplicity of the original while tweaking their formula for mobile.
  • Charming like the original
  • Fluid, sensible gameplay
  • Easy to find friends
  • Timers everywhere
  • Premium currency exists
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