Anima Squad Returns to League of Legends this July

Look what's coming back. Riot Games

Riot Games announced that it was bringing back Anima Squad to League of Legends. This event debuted back in 2022 and this time around reimagines the champions as cybernetic, animal-themed, and super powered warriors. Players need to work together and fight against the invasion of the abyssal Primordians. The Anima Squad event runs from July 17 to August 19.

One of the highlights of the Anima Squad event is the introduction of a new game mode called Swarm | Operation: Anima Squad. It's the game's take on the bullet heaven and survivor genre which features co-op PvE gameplay.

Play the New Mode

For those excited about the new mode, here's how to play it:

  • Grab up to three (3) friends and choose from a roster of elite Anima Squad members.
    • Fight together as the last hope of humanity against the Primordians.
  • With a WASD control scheme, players get to run around in a brand new map of Final City.
    • They get to mow down enemies, complete missions, and survive as long as they possibly can.
  • As the battle unfolds, players can unlock and upgrade powerful weapons and new Anima Squad members to help defeat the swarms of enemies.
  • Players can work to permanently strengthen themselves, match over match.
    • These can be done by buying Power Ups with gold earned in each game.
    • These Power Ups give permanent buffs that give the team an edge in future field operations.

Anima Squad Skins

During the event, players get to see new and returning Anima Squad versions of popular champions. These include:

  • Battle Dove Seraphine, Primordian Aatrox (Legendary)
  • Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi, Prestige Battle Lion Leona (Prestige)
  • Battle Bat Xayah
  • Battle Bear Illaoi
  • Battle Bunny Aurora
  • Battle Lion Leona
  • Battle Wolf Yasuo
  • Cyber Cat Yuumi
  • Primordian Bel'Veth
  • Primordian Briar
  • Primordian Rek'Sai
  • Admiral Battle Bunny Miss Fortune (Mythic Variant)

The Witch Between Worlds

Players can also look forward to meeting Aurora the Witch Between Worlds. This Freljordian vastayan is latest addition to the champion roster. Aurora grew up having the ability to see the veil between the spirit and material realms. While this skill is indeed unique, it made it difficult for her to connect with her peers. It did allow her to find companionship with the nearby spirits that occupied that limbo. To learn more about her abilities, Aurora made the decision to leave the village to travel across the Freljord.

In terms of gameplay, she's a solo laner but is flexible enough to be played in either the top lane or mid lane. This skirmisher mage has the ability to enter into what's known as "spirit mode."

Excited for the upcoming summer event?

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