Ancient Warfare 3: Update 0.38.1 Improves Conquest Mode

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A particular game mode in Ancient Warfare 3 got some really nice changes. Update 0.38.1 brings improvements to the Conquest Mode.

For those who are not familiar, Conquest Mode in Ancient Warfare 3 is a game mode where players will lead a predetermined army to fight against the enemy. Here, players must capture as many flags as they possibly can to win.

That said, several improvements for Conquest Mode have been implemented. For one, players can now adjust the probability of units spawning at each flag, thanks to the newly added spawn multiplier.

Aside from that, players can now choose where they want to respawn on the battlefield. This option can be disabled in the battle settings.

The other changes implemented in Update 0.38.1 are as follows:

  • Added high versions of the sandbag barricades
  • The script editor will now zoom toward the mouse position
  • Conquest improvements
    • Added spawn exhaustion option which can be used to reduce the number of units spawning at a flag when a certain amount of units got killed in the radius of the flag. This option can be used to create more dynamic conquest battles.
    • Added Get/SetSpawnMultiplier scripting nodes to modify spawn probabilities in scripts
    • Added a scripting event for when the owner of a flag changes
    • Added Get/SetCurrentProgress nodes to modify the capture progress of flags in scripts
    • Added Get/Set/Add/RemoveConquestTickets nodes to modify the ticket amount in scripts
  • Added an option to mute the audio if the game is minimized/not focused
  • Added SpawnWarPlane scripting node to allow you to spawn planes with bombs from scripts
  • Added short game tips to the loading screen
  • Improved workshop content loading stability
  • Fixed a bug that caused slow script compilation speed in some cases
  • Fixed inaccurate helicopter unit dropping
  • Fixed that scripting collection would not save light references
  • Fixed Egyptian clothing/armor clipping
  • Fixed a bug that caused slow workshop content loading
  • Fixed a bug that caused workshop content to be reloaded even if not required
  • Fixed a bug that prevented maps from being loaded if there was unknown custom face equipment on the player
  • Saving custom scripts will now correctly save and load unknown custom items
  • Equipment panel presets will now correctly save and load unknown custom items
  • Fixed backpack slot positions
  • Fixed that the "allow shield" option didn't work
  • Fixed that attack distance could no longer be adjusted
  • Added color marker to color pickers in custom unit creator
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load certain things in the prefab editor
  • Repair fluid caliber will now generate repair fluid beam

Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.38.1 is available on PC.

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