Ancient Warfare 3: Players Can Now Create Custom Equipment in Update 0.38

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Update 0.38 for Ancient Warfare 3 is now available. This patch introduces custom equipment creators that allow players to make their unique items.

Part of the charm of Ancient Warfare 3 is that players can customize almost every aspect of the game. In Update 0.38, custom equipment creators have been added that allow players to make the following types of items:

  • Melee weapons
  • Ranged weapons
  • Shields
  • Grenades
  • Helmets
  • Chest Plates
  • Arm/Leg Plates
  • Face Equipment
  • Middle Equipment (new slot for static equipment which is attached to the body of a unit)
  • Backpacks
  • Attachments (Sights, barrels, grips, laser/lamps, bayonets)

There are a few things to keep in mind about this new feature. First, items created using the custom equipment creators can be used anywhere in the game - be it custom battles, prefabs, etc.

Second, players do not need to download additional files as everything they need is already available in the battle/prefab/unit file.

And lastly, custom items are protected, meaning that only the owner/creator can modify the equipment, no one else can. However, the creator can opt to upload it on the game’s Steam Workshop page for others to use.


  • Reduced lag when returning from playing a battle back to the editor
  • Reduced lag when entering the custom battle editor from the main menu
  • Adjusted tooltips so that they can be read more easily
  • Added warning icon to menu buttons when workshop content is not fully loaded
  • Fixed for loop node when used to count down
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom HUD info messages to flicker
  • Fixed that static HMG with a shield could not be aimed up and down
  • Fixed WW1 chest armor clipping with WW1 shirt
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the key input event nodes
  • Fixed a bug that caused placed vanilla units to be re-randomized when playing
  • Fixed that flamethrowers would cause friendly fire when friendly fire was deactivated
  • Fixed missing wall attachment slots on modular door frames
  • Fixed a bug that caused a picked-up weapon to the dropped out of the player's hands
  • Fixed wrong output type on the “OnConsume” event node
  • Fixed main menu button animations
  • Fixed that the mech control unit would clip through the mech while rotating
  • Fixed that units could walk through gun safes
  • Fixed a loading crash when invalid control characters were present in prefab files
  • Workshop item loading process in the main menu will now display the correct progress

Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.38 is available on PC.

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