This Ana Trick In Overwatch Lets You Get To High Ground

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Ana mainers should definitely give this trick a try!
Ana mainers should definitely give this trick a try! Blizzard

Blizzard’s very first post-launch Overwatch character was Ana, one of the most versatile supports in the game. Having the chance to play the hero for quite some time now, it only makes sense for players to discover new tactics with her after all this time.

Ana is mainly utilized in Overwatch for her diverse and powerful kit, making her one of the most mobile support heroes in the game. Apparently, her flexibility does not end there, especially after a crafty player has found a new trick that can get her onto the high ground for control and ease.

Reddit user ‘VkOverwatchSchool’ posted a nifty trick on Temple of Anubis that shows how Ana can actually get to a unique high ground perch without the assistance of Mei’s wall. Upon leaving the spawn room on defense, you and your teammates should not be randomly firing or breaking any object in sight. Otherwise, you will not be able to get to the holding point of this trick.

If at least one of the crates is destroyed, then expect the trick to be rendered useless. So, with that said, start by making your way towards Point A and you should see a box to the right-hand side. By jumping on this box and turning around, you can see how the new trick works. And you will know it is working if Ana’s back is facing the wall so you can make sure that the unique jump turns out to be successful.

Make sure to hold down “S” on your keyboard (or pull back the sticks on your controller if you are on console) to let Ana jump and slide up the wall. From there, she should be on her way to the high ground above.

Interestingly, this spot is a game-changer. That is because it gives Ana the advantage of having the typical defensive position on the map, allowing her to see everything that is happening. What is more, she can steer clear from opposing drives, allowing her to stay in the game instead of getting eliminated. More importantly, the spot can give her the means to provide easy support.

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