Looks Like xQc Is Returning To Competitive Overwatch

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An Overwatch pro teased the return of xQc to the scene.
An Overwatch pro teased the return of xQc to the scene. Blizzard

In an impromptu AMA on Twitter, former Overwatch League player xQc was asked about his dream line-up to which he answered with Indy "SPACE" Halpern and Support player Scott “Custa” Kennedy as the key players. SPACE agreed that they really had a formidable pair as a tank line and teased that it might be time for the two to work together again.

For those who do not know, SPACE and xQc originally competed together as the tank duo for Arc 6, which is basically a squad that housed a handful of players who ultimately went on to join the Overwatch League. The team included big names such as “Custa” and “Danteh.” But as far as the pair is concerned, they have not really played together since the start of the OWL.

xQc, in particular, originally competed for the Dallas Fuel from the start of the inaugural season of the tournament. However, he eventually left the group at the end of Stage 2, a decision he had to make after a couple of controversies which eventually suspended him from playing twice.

Since then, the Overwatch pro has dedicated himself to streaming pub games. In fact, he quickly became one of the most popular broadcasters on Twitch. Although he still continues to play the game, he has been successful so far in branching out into a variety of different titles.

xQc might have left the Overwatch League almost a year ago, but it was not necessarily the very last time he competed in the competitive scene. It is worth noting that he opted to return in order to play for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup in 2018, and is set to do so the same thing at this year’s tournament, which is scheduled to take place come November 1 through 3.

A reunion with SPACE is without a doubt possible from a logistical standpoint. SPACE just recently joined the Los Angeles Gladiators, while xQc is deemed to be a substitute for their Contenders team Gladiators Legion. He could certainly be promoted to the Overwatch League squad if both parties were interested.

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