Highest Score In Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge Achieved

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A group of players have reportedly achieved the highest score possible in the game's Halloween Terror PvE mode.
A group of players have reportedly achieved the highest score possible in the game's Halloween Terror PvE mode. Blizzard

Junkenstein's Revenge is once again a part of the Halloween Terror event in Overwatch. Each year, Blizzard introduces a couple more heroes to the original lineup just to make things a bit interesting. This year, a group of players have reportedly achieved the impossible – getting the highest score yet for the classic PvE mode on Legendary difficulty.

So, how did they conquer the feat? Reddit user Wengzan shared his group's accomplishments and explained how they beat the system.

"After 1½ weeks of attempts, we finally reached what we think is the last reachable 1k mark in Junkenstein Classic, at least with the current hero cast," Wengzan explained. "The score is definitely improvable, but most likely only by a couple hundred points due to the way the scoring system works."

The final score for the group of Overwatch players was 45,040. Obviously, this is one of the highest Junkenstein scores the community has ever seen. Wengzan further claimed that one of the easiest things to do is avoiding door damage, adding that full door health grants 6,000 bonus points on Legendary difficulty. He also mentioned that these were coupled with the 6,800 points from bosses. Adding all of these up, anyone could almost be a quarter of the way there.

Considering how difficult it can be for most Overwatch players to even try and make it through Junkenstein's Revenge on Legendary difficulty, the accomplishment these players achieved is all the more impressive. Apart from the PvE mode, other interesting elements during the annual event are the Halloween Terror loot boxes. Apparently, though, most players tend to have issues with how they are really being awarded this year.

The loot boxes are being awarded for Arcade and leveling up like usual in Overwatch. However, when it comes to Role Queue rewards boxes, they seem to be regular old loot boxes, instead of what players should be getting for the event.

Suffice to say, this narrative can be quite disappointing, particularly for players trying to gather as many boxes as they can for free. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not really provided any indication whatsoever if they intend to switch the Role Queue rewards during the event.

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