American Truck Simulator Wyoming DLC Features Railroads

Ready for the rails?
Ready for the rails? SCS Software

American Truck Simulator provided another update on what players can expect with the upcoming Wyoming DLC. This time, it’s all about railroads. While trucks and railroads differ when it comes to operations, the goal is pretty much similar which is to make sure that deliveries are done on time.

Once the DLC arrives, players get the chance to visit the Railyard Depot in Cheyenne. This is where everything railroad-related can be found, from spare parts to service bays for the various locomotives. Then again, Cheyenne is America’s Railroad Capital. It’s also where you can find the UP Big Boy 4014 from Pomona, the world’s largest steam locomotive.

As part of the new DLC, drivers get to deliver important rail parts to help the maintenance of the locomotives, and to railroad construction sites either for building future routes or repairing existing ones.

Welcome to Jackson

A few weeks back, the game also gave us a peek into the town of Jackson. It’s located in the northwest corner of Wyoming and serves as the entry point to the Grand Teton National Park. The town also serves as host to around 3 million visitors each year as it offers one of the best skiing locations. In fact, Jackson serves as home to three ski resorts.

One of the highlights of Jackson is its Town Square, which is framed by elk-antler arches. This is where the people in the town meet to dine, shop, or simply relax.

Jackson however isn’t just all leisure. Business is serious especially with all the industries driving the local economy. Drivers are sure to find many tasks from numerous companies, including refineries and car factories.

Truck Stops

Even before American Truck Simulator gave us a glimpse of these two new features, it already revealed that the Wyoming DLC was going to have Truck Stops. Any trucker worth their salt knows that truck stops are good not only for rest and food but more importantly fuel.

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American Truck Simulator is developed by SCS Software and available solely on PC. After the Wyoming DLC, players can expect Texas to be released though no actual date has been revealed.

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