American Truck Simulator to Open Up New Routes for Special Transport Missions

Get ready for new routes and a new feature. SCS Software

The Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator is all set to be released this November 30. That won't be the only thing players can look forward to since the Special Transport DLC is also getting an update. This means new routes, new missions, and even a new feature.

When the Kansas DLC goes live, the Special Transport missions are going to introduce six new routes. Four of these are located within the state which are Colby to Hutchinson, Topeka to Pittsburg, Dodge City to Emporia, and Wichita to Salina. The other two are a bit more special which start in Pueblo (CO) and leads to either Dodge City (313 miles) or Marysville (707 miles).

Missions include delivering helicopters to airports or delivering special cargo to the salt. These can also be hauling those new cargoes like Wind Turbine Blades which need to be transported from Colorado to Kansas.

Rest Stops

Now as players go over the job market, one of the things they'll probably notice is that some of the new contracts need a lot of travelling. It's possible that some need them to travel to another state. It may appear to be difficult, but the good news is that they now have the ability to take a rest stop. In addition to taking a break, this also allows them to refill their fuel tanks.

Turnpike Tolls

Turnpike Tolls has long been part of the game, especially with some of the recent expansions. Not that surprising since this is an important source of highway funding for a lot of states. The tolls now only benefit the local economy but also support road maintenance and the cleanliness of the stretch of the road.

Now the Turnpike Tolls in Kansas are going to work a little differently compared to the others. Instead of a set priced fee, players are going to be charged for how far they've travelled along the toll road. This should allow for some strategic planning especially for those who want to save little cash on their journey.

American Truck Simulator was released for the PC in February 2016. It's available through Steam.

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