The Alchemist Code Welcomes The Seven Deadly Sins In Latest Collaboration

Welcome The Seven Deadly Sins.
Welcome The Seven Deadly Sins. gumi inc

The Seven Deadly Sins has its own mobile game coming out in March, but if that's a long way off for you, then head on over to The Alchemist Code. Beginning February 20 and all the way until March 11, The Alchemist Code is giving players the chance to summon none other than The Seven Deadly Sins.

While you can indeed summon Britannia's strongest knights, you can only do so for five of them. Even then, they are sure to help you fight off the demon invasion in Babel. The knights you can summon are:

  • Meliodas
  • Diane
  • Ban
  • King
  • Gowther

Now what would knights be without their Equipment and Gear, right? For this Collaboration, you can get new items by:

  • Equipment
    • Clear milestones from normal quests Episode 1 - 6 to obtain Equipment Shards.
      • Gather 80 Equipment Shards to transmute one Equipment.
    • Each unit’s Equipment can also be purchased from the Secret Shop.
  • Gear
    • Clear milestones from EX quests to obtain up to 50 Gear Shards.
      • Gather 50 Gear Shards to transmute a 2-Star gear of your choice.
    • Additional Gear Shards can be collected by:
      • Clearing EX quests objectives
      • Drops in EX quests

There's also going to be Collaboration Quests, which are original. It appears that the Coffin of Eternal Darkness has released demons that are now plaguing Babel. During the period of the Collaboration Event, assemble a team and destroy the demons. Completing quests lets you earn Equipment Shards and even Gears Shards. You can even earn as many as 63 Soul Shards when clearing Hard quests.

A raid is also going to be made available for you and your team to take part in, which starts on March 5 and end on March 11. There are going to be different bosses for you to defeat like the Giant Taurus, Gray Demon, and Red Demon. Beating these raid bosses rewards you with items such as Gems, Sinful Indulgence, Retribution for Sin, and Rainbow Soul Shards. There's also a Raid Quest Port Ranking where you can earn Port Coins and use them to buy new Raid Gear.

As if all of this weren't enough, the collaboration is also offering everyone the chance to win two unique The Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration Mementos:

  • Legendary Order of the Knights Memento
  • Holy War of the Seven Deadly Sins Memento
    • This Memento can only be obtained through the 5-Step Memento 10-Summon.
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