Albion Online: Lands Awakened Patch 6 Beta Increases Might and Favor Gain; Introduces Crystal League Changes

Albion Online Lands Awakened Patch 6
Albion Online Lands Awakened Patch 6 Sandbox Interactive

The developers of Albion Online have released the latest update on the test server. The Lands Awakened Patch 6 Beta implements plenty of amazing changes, including some adjustments to Might and Favor and Crystal League. It also introduces quality-of-life improvements, like automatic silver pick up and better dungeons.


Might and Favor gain has been increased. Might is the EXP needed to help you progress through your seasonal goals. This unlocks rewards such as Fame boosts and battle mounts, among other things. Favor, on the other hand, is used as a currency to purchase reward chests and Siphoned Energy.

That said, some activities like gathering and fishing in the Outlands provide a roughly 31% increase in Might and Favor gain. If you’ve been shying away from such, then it’s probably time to try them out.

The Crystal League is one of the most competitive 5v5 battles in Albion Online. It received major changes in this update, particularly on the map and respawn timers.

First, matches will now be held on an updated version of the Steppe Territory. The modifications to this map make it significantly harder to capture and hold three orbs.

Second, the respawn time has been normalized throughout the match. In this patch, respawn time at the start of the game is now set to 15 seconds, and it increases by 0.75 seconds every minute. Because of this, early kills become more impactful without making the late-game kill respawn timers longer.

New Crystal League Map (Updated Steppe Territory)
New Crystal League Map (Updated Steppe Territory) Twitter/@albiononline


Might and Favor Gain Increase
  • Might and Favor acquired through PvE (Outlands and Roads): + ~23%
  • Might and Favor from winning in Corrupted Dungeons: +20%
  • Might and Favor from Hellgates: +15%
Randomized and Static Dungeon Changes
  • Since the Lands Awakened update, Static Dungeons (i.e. dungeons with a permanent placement and layout in the open world) upgrade at random times, offering increased mob numbers and rewards. With this patch, the same random upgrades affect Randomized Dungeons throughout the open world:
    • This affects Randomized Dungeons of all tiers and zone types and includes both Solo (green) and Group (blue) Dungeons
    • Dungeons that are in an elevated mob or rewards state are indicated by updated visuals on the dungeon entrance
Automatic Silver Pick Up
  • Silver is now, by default, picked up automatically. This can be disabled via a new option in General Settings. Details:
    • Silver is not automatically picked up if it is protected, if the player is mounted, or if it would result in the termination of an effect that manual pickup would normally cause (e.g. invisibility or protection buffs acquired from changing regions)
    • Silver is automatically picked up immediately after these temporary effects expire
    • Silver can still manually be picked up, which results in the usual termination of temporary effects that are normally ended by world interaction

Albion Online Lands Awakened Patch 6 beta is available on PC.

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