Albion Online: Lands Awakened Patch 4 Now Available on Test Server

Albion Online: Lands Awakened
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Albion Online: Lands Awakened Patch 4 is now available on the test server. This update is massive, featuring general combat system balancing changes and quality-of-life improvements, among other things.

Combat Changes

The developers have made huge changes to the general combat system. Resilience, also known as Focus Fire Protection, is increased in this update to give you a fighting chance when you’re outnumbered in PvP. For example, if you’re up against six or seven people, you will now survive 10% longer.

So, what exactly has changed? The melee damage reduction factor is increased to 50. This translates to a 12.8% increase in survivability when you battle against 10 people who use melee weapons.

You also have a 15.1% increased survivability against ranged weapon users as the ranged damage reduction factor is increased to 25.


New buttons for gaining quick access to your loadouts and wardrobe have been added to the Player Inventory screen, effectively replacing the Stack and Sort buttons. Don’t worry, they’re not completely gone; they’re just situated below the item slots now.

Patch Highlights

  • Party markers now persist when changing zones
  • Added Elite/Mastery tooltip to items with active Elite Levels
  • Clicking "Sell Order" in the Marketplace UI now defaults to either "Sell" or "Sell Order" based on last action
  • Party join requests now behave as a join instead of an invite if used on a player without a party
  • Using /suicide command now requires a second pop-up confirmation
  • Added message to /stuck command indicating that player can still be attacked during casting time
  • Forced Combat Mode is now off by default (can be turned on in Settings)
  • Re-ordered "Appearance" menu, now opens to Wardrobe by default
  • Energy Surge Season statue furniture items are now placeable
  • Whirlwind (Greataxe)
    • The damage now increases with each tick if the same target is hit repeatedly
    • First Tick Damage reduced to 56
    • Each consecutive tick: Damage increases by 4 (6 ticks total)
    • Now deals equal damage to mobs and players
Holy Staves
  • Celestial Sphere (Redemption Staff)
    • Heal per bounce reduced to 60
    • Reduced base healing, but every time the Sphere heals the same target within 1.5 seconds, the healing output increases by 25% (stacks up to 4 times)
  • Holy Explosion (Great Holy Staff)
    • Cooldown increased to 18 seconds

You can read the full patch notes here.

Albion Online Lands Awakened Patch 4 is available on PC.

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