Albion Online Ver. 19.010.1 Spam Protection Feature and Bug Fixes

Albion Online
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Albion Online recently received a new update that added a new invite spam protection feature and some bug fixes.

The developers implemented a new guild invite spam protection to prevent players from sending excessive invitations. This should stop spam invites from other players, while guild invites now give clearer feedback if they are accepted or rejected.

The developers also fixed an issue where the Marketplace Loadout search filtered the quality of items incorrectly. With the fix, it now searches for the same or higher quality items with the "Same or Higher" setting checked.

Albion Online Ver. 19.010.1

Fame Conversion Adjustments
  • PvE Fame to Faction Point conversion ratio reduced by approximately an additional 15%. Faction-flagged characters should now earn about 40% more Faction Points from PvE than before the update.
  • Reputation gain reduced by 30%. This should still mean a slight increase over pre-update values.
Other Changes
  • Energy Surge Statue Furniture Items are now placeable
  • Added a 10-second cooldown to Corrupted Dungeon entry, which replaces the global 10-second cooldown that has been removed
  • Increased channel time required to open open-world treasure chests from 3 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Picking up a Power Core or Energy Crystal now removes the invulnerability buff received when leaving a Hideout
  • Furniture can no longer be placed on Power Cores or Energy Crystals to block them from being picked up
  • Hideout Power Levels are now viewable in the Guild Estates UI
  • [MOBILE] Chat and UI fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where Chinese and Korean chat input would not show character suggestions
    • Fixed issues with backspace and previews not working when using the chat input
    • Fixed scrolling behavior issues in inventory and bank
  • Fixed an issue where world map overlays would reset when changing zones
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Might Level rankings would sometimes show incorrect data when scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where Static Dungeon minibosses appeared as Crystal Spiders on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Hideout Power Cores and Territory Energy Crystals from being carried through Passages in the Outlands
  • All Q and W spells are now available on T4-5 Demonfang as intended
  • Respec is now available for Elite Levels as intended
  • Caerleon faction capes can now be sold in the Black Market and found in the open world as intended
  • Fixed an issue where Power Cores and Energy Crystals did not have a tooltip while being carried

You can read more about the update here.

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