Albion Online Knightfall Update: Coffers and Caches Added for Better Gameplay Experience

New way to get rewards. Sandbox Interactive

The new update for Albion Online is now live. Titled Knightfall, it introduces new features and improvements which give players a chance to get big rewards. Welcome the Coffers, treasures that only reveal their location to nearby players. Also greet the Caches, individualized loot for clearing mob camps.

You see in the game, Treasure Chests are a good way of bringing players together. The problem is that despite possible rewards, they often fail to bring small groups together, and they don't encourage newbies to compete. This is why, according to the dev team, they created Coffers. While it works like other Open World Treasures, except they only show their location to nearby players.

Although these chests are worth less compared to treasures that broadcast their location to the entire map, they spawn much more frequently versus larger chests.


The team revealed they wanted to add more item loot to Mob Camps since the traditional delivery methods didn't result in the desired gameplay. If a chest spawns early, whoever gets there first wins. If it spawns late, a "King of the Hill" scenario happens until the chest spawns. While some prefer this, the reality is that Treasure Chests already serve this purpose. This gets away from what Mob Camps are supposed to be: PvE objectives that can be completed at any time instead of demanding immediate attention.

To improve the experience, Caches can now be found in all Mob Camps:

  • After completing a Mob Camp, a Cache unlocks that is lootable only by the player that generated it.
    • They are thus "instanced" treasure chests, with each player having their own reward pool.
    • Rarity is also instanced, so a given Cache may be rare for one player but legendary for another.
  • As Mob Camps are completed relatively quickly, the loot is also distributed in a nontraditional fashion.
    • The most common "Green" Caches contain nontradable Fame.
    • This scales with the lethality, tier, and rarity of the Mists the players are in, but does not scale with the Cache's rarity, to give as much Fame as possible to common Caches.
  • This can significantly improve the item loot of blue, purple, and legendary Caches – all of which can potentially be found in any Mob Camp.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. It's available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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