Albion Online: Major Changes to Avalonian Camps in Beyond the Veil Patch 3

Beyond the Veil Patch 3
Beyond the Veil Patch 3 Twitter/albiononline

Albion Online: Beyond the Veil, the medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, got Patch 3 just recently. This update brought major changes to the Roads of Avalon, particularly to the roaming Avalonian Camps.

The company has overhauled the Roads of Avalon in Albion Online following community feedback. One of the areas that Sandbox Interactive has focused on is the Roaming Avalonian Camps.

In Patch 3, the weaker Avalonian Camps have been adjusted to make them more rewarding to smaller groups of up to three players. Such camps are marked as a green chest on the map, allowing players to quickly and easily get to their location.

On the other hand, stronger Avalonian Camps are even more rewarding now and must be dealt with by seven players or more. These camps are marked with an orange icon on the map, making them easier to find supposing that a relatively large party wants to take them on.

Those who do “camp gathering,” or those who just stay in one spot in hopes of farming one Avalonian Camp repeatedly, will be happy to know that the camps and their chests now respawn significantly faster. This is great since players don’t have to wait that long for these camps to show up again after being cleared.

With these changes, players can farm a lot of silver faster than before.


  • New Environment
    • The Roads of Avalon now feature revamped environmental visuals. These update the look and feel of the Roads to better match the rest of Albion, while retaining their unique identity.
  • Mob Ability Changes
    • Knockback of Cartwheel and Sweep from Raid Camp Monk has been reduced to match the knockback distance of the roaming version
    • The roaming Avalonian Warrior no longer hits with a second auto-attack
    • The roaming Avalonian Warrior and Avalonian Knight have had their Damage and Health substantially reduced, along with their rewards, to make them a more suitable objective for 1 to 3 players
  • Streamer Mode
    • An optional Safe Streamer Mode has been introduced
    • This mode can be turned on and off in the Settings menu
    • When turned on, it hides various UI components that could be used to find the character's position while live-streaming
    • It also hides login email when game disconnects, to avoid sharing this with viewers
    • (NOTE: when streaming via the Steam client, login email will still be visible on character selection screen)
  • The debuff a character receives when fast traveling from a Rest or Outlands Hideout has been made more lenient to allow greater freedom for small-scale travel
    • This debuff will now only remove a Home binding when walking from a Portal City to the Outlands
    • Traveling to the Outlands using another method (e.g. Roads of Avalon or the Mists) will not remove Home binding
    • Traveling to a Portal City from the Outlands on foot will remove this debuff, allowing a character to freely travel again without fear of losing their Home
  • The map for the Crystal League and Crystal Arena has been changed for the rest of Season 18 from "Spade" to "Cross"

Albion Online: Beyond the Veil Patch 3 is available on PC.

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