Albion Online: Beyond the Veil Features Much-Needed Rework of Roads of Avalon

Roads of Avalon Rework
Roads of Avalon Rework Twitter/@albiononline

Albion Online: Beyond the Veil Update is now available on PC. Aside from new content, this massive patch also features a much-needed rework of the Roads of Avalon.

The Roads of Avalon are a network of paths in Albion Online that connect to the ancient Kingdom of Avalon. It was first introduced in the Rise of Avalon Update in August 2020, so it’s only fitting that developers revisit this area and update it to make things more exciting.

One of the major changes is that Hideouts can now be declared as Headquarters. For those who don’t know, Headquarters that are in the Roads of Avalon get the same shielding as their open-world counterparts. This makes the HQ invulnerable to attacks, so long as it’s powered up with Power Cores. Don’t worry, Power Cores can now be found in the Roads of Avalon as well.

Another thing is that the types of objectives found in the Roads have also been expanded. Players may encounter some Crystal Spiders when they’re in the area, Tier 5 to Tier 8 mobs that can potentially drop some valuable stuff, including runes, dungeon maps, and relics, among others.

Here are the other changes made to Roads of Avalon:

  • Special regions within the Roads can connect exclusively to other Roads regions that contain Hideouts. These regions offer raid level content and portals that support larger groups. You can also use these regions to launch attacks on other Hideout regions.
  • Elite Avalonian enemies in the Roads now show a danger icon to differentiate them from regular Avalonian enemies.
  • Hideouts in the Roads of Avalon can now be declared Headquarters:
    • Both Hideouts and Headquarters within the Roads of Avalon will take damage if they have insufficient Power (this requirement only applies in the Roads of Avalon).
    • There will be a grace period of several days after the update goes live during which existing Roads Hideouts will not take damage from insufficient Power.
    • New Hideouts constructed after the update goes live will also receive a grace period of 3 days.
    • When constructing a Hideout within the Roads, the second and third phases can be skipped by declaring the Hideout your Headquarters, and spending additional Silver and resources to accelerate the building process.
    • Declaring an HQ in the Roads requires the guild to have at least 1000 Season Points in the current or last season; guilds that already have 1000 or more points in Season 17 are instantly eligible.
  • Logging out from within the Roads (outside of a Hideout) now requires significantly more time no matter if it was triggered intentionally or by disconnect:
    • Logging back into the Roads results in damage to gear durability and loss of stacked resources, and will remove the player from the Roads.
    • This also occurs when the original logout was triggered from an instance like a Randomized Dungeon or a Hellgate if entered from the Roads.
    • After Maintenance or a disconnect, players will have some time to resume playing in the Roads without triggering the logout consequences, though as with all disconnects characters will be vulnerable for a significant amount of time afterward.

So, what can you say about the Roads of Avalon rework?

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