Aim Lab Update 0.96.7 Brings Replay, New Skins, and Bug Fixes

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Aim Lab is a great software for players who want to practice their aim. The developer recently released a major update to further improve this training platform. New content, highly demanded features, and bug fixes are added as well.


A replay feature is finally here! Now, you can watch your runs again and check out where you need to improve. You can also slow down or fast-forward the replays.

  • Replays are supported for majority of tasks. When you complete a play of a supported task from this patch onward, a replay will automatically be generated.
  • Replays will show a 1:1 playback of the position and behavior of targets, how the player aimed and moved, and the progression of their score during the play.
  • You can view replays at up to 1.5x speed or down to 0.1x speed.
  • Replays have additional analytics such as visualizing the path the crosshair moved and the most optimal path a player could have taken to a target. Additional analytics will be coming later.
  • Some recent plays before this patch may be partially supported. A task play that is partially supported may have missing features compared to a task play from this patch onward.

Play Viewer

  • A new place to watch replays and compare task metrics against yourself as well as other Aim Lab players!
  • See how a specific run stacks up against your last run and personal best scores, or check out other player runs to see what they’re doing so you can improve.
  • Share your replays and play data with others by clicking the Share button to generate a link that you can send to others for them to view.
  • You can open the Play Viewer in a few different ways:
  • From the Recent Play Graphs in the Training menu.
  • After completing a run from the results screen by clicking on “View Replay” or pressing R.
  • You can also view other player runs by clicking on the Compare icon button in any leaderboard row.

New Skins

The update also brought four new skins. Two of them are for R4-C, one for SCAR, and the last one for 416-C. The said skins are Huskerrs R4-C, Imperial Hal FN SCAR, Symfuhny R4-C, and DZ Leviathan 416-C.

You can view the skins, along with complete patch notes via the official site.

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