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Rainbow Six Siege Aim Lab Partnership
Rainbow Six Siege Aim Lab Partnership TheGamer

Aim Lab is adding tons of new content to Rainbow Six Siege, which can help players warm up their aim in ranked and competitive matches. Aim Lab, the official aim trainer for Rainbow Six Siege, is celebrating with an event called the Aim Lab x Siege Combine Event, which includes six tasks and prizes. This event will only last until June 30, so get grinding for prizes. Below are the highlights of some of the tasks.

Lean Peek 3 Shot

This task trains players on the most fundamental parts of Siege: lean-peek and kill. Here, players will have to react to the target after leaning, while countering the recoil at the same time. This task might be a bit difficult for new players, but it helps you get better at the game.

Siege Graybox Scanning

This task is to improve the player’s reaction to targets when enemies pop up suddenly. It will train reactivity, speed, and self-preservation, which are important in higher ranks. In this task, the player will be placed behind a wall and they have to peek at the targets on both sides while exposing their body as little as possible. These targets will shoot back, so make sure you hold small angles and peek at them accurately to get more points.

Siege Clubhouse Trigger Control

This task is to control players' trigger fingers, so they don’t end up team-killing. In this task, players will have to shoot red targets and avoid blue targets. This is crucial training for aspiring professional players because of the disabled outlines on teammates. Players tend to blend in with the environment, which is why this training will help you distinguish allies from enemies.

Siege Kafe Dostoyevsky Entry

This task is to train the player's entry into the map, Kafe Dostoyevsky. This map is known to be quite defender-favored, so this training will help you pre-fire common spots. In this task, you will spawn into the map where you must clear every angle as fast as possible. The targets will shoot back at you, so make sure you pre-fire the common angles before swinging wide.


The developers are giving away 1,000 exclusive skins, which can be used in the game, and also 2,670 Rainbow Six Siege credits for 100 lucky players. To enter this competition, players must share their player cards with the hashtag #BuildingChampions and must follow AimLab on Twitter.

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