Agent Intercept: Update 5.0 Now Available

Agent Intercept
Agent Intercept Steam

Do you want to be a spy who has a car that can transform into anything? Agent Intercept is a game that allows you to drive a transforming vehicle in various exotic locations. It is also equipped with gadgetry and armaments that can blow up the enemy so that you can save the world in style.

Developer PikPok Studio has launched Update 5.0 that introduces new missions and features. Read ahead to find out what you can expect in the latest patch.

Data Cards

If you are a curious person in general, the Data Cards will surely tickle your fancy. These special cards can provide you with useful information about various game aspects, including intel about new gadgets and operatives. It even provides you with info about your favorite characters as well.

The Data Cards can be unlocked by getting on the global leaderboard, progressing through the campaign, and completing certain objectives.

Torpere’s Experiments

Torpere's Experiments
Torpere's Experiments Steam

This update also features Torpere’s Experiments. You can sample some of the latest technology by completing challenges, progressing through the story, or placing in the global leaderboards.

Some of the unique experiments include the Bonnet Cam, Mirror Mode, the Hoversceptre, and Custom Bodykit, among many others.

New Missions

Two new missions have been added. The first is “Sky Hunter,” and your objective here is to stop the CLAW operative, Darius Squib, from trying out some explosives in a remote desert location. This is to prevent CLAW from perfecting new weapons of mass destruction. You must exercise caution, though, as there is something in the sky that may impede you from completing your mission.

“Winner Takes All'' is the second new mission in Agent Intercept. Apparently, the agency’s classified “Boost Fuel” technology has been stolen by an eccentric billionaire. The suspect holds a black market race in the desert with the stolen tech as the prize. You must compete in the race so that the agency can track this billionaire down and apprehend him. You must win no matter what because CLAW also has its eyes on the prize.

Update Changelog

  • Added full cinematic introduction videos to introduce main characters, as well as an expanded ending to reward players who have completed the main campaign
  • Introducing Torpere’s Experiments
  • Introducing Data Cards
  • Two new Crisis Missions:
    • Sky Hunter
    • Winner Takes All
  • Various bug fixes

Agent Intercept Update 5.0 is now available on PC.

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