Age of Empires IV: Patch 11963 Brings Balancing Changes to Mongols and Delhi Sultanate

Age of Empires IV Patch 11963
Age of Empires IV Patch 11963 Relic Entertainment

Age of Empires IV got a new update recently that brings balancing changes to the Mongol and Delhi Sultanate. Patch 11963 also applies adjustments to the Chinese, specifically concerning the Imperial Official and taxes.

Wonders are unique structures that, when built and defended for 15 minutes, allow players to gain victory. That said, the developers have increased the cost of making the Mongol Wonder from 4,000 per resource to 8,000. This adjustment solves the issue of the cost being too low in larger multiplayer games when allies could contribute to a single player to win.

Additionally, the Mongol Ovoo stone generation has been reduced. Instead of the Ovoo producing 105 stones per minute, it now generates 80/100/120/150 stones per minute by Age.

The Mongol Khan was supposed to be just a support unit, but his high damage numbers in the Castle Age proved to be too good, making him an effective unit on his own. His damage per attack has been reduced to eight to make him more in line with what the developers have intended.

Patch Notes

  • Wonder cost increased from 3,000 per resource to 6,000
  • Stone wall build time increased from 8 seconds to 16 seconds
  • Made improvements to a bug where Elephant attack animation cooldowns could be bypassed, resulting in much higher damage than intended.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when observing the game at 8x speed
  • Removed Boulder Bay, Confluence, and Black Forest from the 1v1 Quick Match map pool.
    • Please note that these maps can still be selected for a Custom Game, as well as for team-based Quick Matches
  • Fixed a bug where the Nest of Bees would stop firing once its initial target died
Imperial and Tax Changes
  • General
    • Tax cooldown on buildings increased to 20 seconds
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Capital Town Center to receive taxes after being destroyed
  • Imperial Official
    • Supervise bonus increased from 150% back to the original 200%
    • Tax carry capacity increased from 20 to 40 Gold
  • Imperial Academy
    • Imperial Examinations technology bonus to Tax carry capacity increased from 40 to 80 Gold
    • Now a Tax drop off location for the Imperial Official
Delhi Sultanate
  • Delhi Sultanate Infantry stone wall gate build time increased to 60 seconds
  • Starting Wood reduced to 200
  • Sanctity bonus Gold reduced from 100% to 50%
  • Yam and Yam Network movement speed bonus time reduced from 20 to 10 seconds

Age of Empires IV Patch 11963 is available on PC.

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