Age of Empires IV: Developers Reveal What's Coming to the Game Ahead of Patch 11009's Release

Patch 11009
Patch 11009 Relic Entertainment

Developers at Relic Entertainment have recently revealed the things coming to Age of Empires IV before the release of Patch 11009. Read further to learn more.

General Improvements

The devs are going to implement improvements to animation canceling. In Patch 11009, all units can no longer easily perform faster attacks than intended. You see, there’s this issue where you can perform a move command immediately after attacking in an attempt to cancel the cooldown between hits. This change was made because the developers want you to spend most of your time coming up with high-level strategic decisions, just like what a real general would do.

Another notable improvement is that Trebuchet projectiles will deal area of effect damage when they miss their main target. This is pretty good considering that Trebuchets have generally low accuracy, to begin with. This can be further improved by getting certain upgrades like the Shattering Projectiles from the English Civilization.

Some adjustments to siege units will also be implemented. For instance, the siege formation catch-up speed is reduced to 40%. This is an intended change to prevent the possibility of the “race car” effect where siege units are hard to chase down even with cavalry.

Here are the main changes arriving with Patch 11009:

  • Fixed a bug where Palisade Walls could no longer be targeted
  • Fixed a bug where Incendiary ships damage range increased significantly after researching the Explosives tech
  • Fixed a bug where Incendiary Ships were exploding 2 or even more times in some cases. To keep the unit balanced we’ve increased the explosion damage to 400
  • Scout cost increased to 70 Food
  • Changes to Shore Fish
    • Fishing Ship harvest rate reduced to 0.66
    • Shore Fish reduced to 500 Food
  • Changes to Deep Fish
    • Fishing Ship harvest rate reduced to 1.0
    • Deep Fish reduced to 1000 Food
  • Horseman, Camel Rider, Fire Lance, and Knight torch bonus damage vs. siege increased from +10 to +20
  • Bombard health reduced to 400
  • Siege weapons now also deal their bonus damage vs. ships
  • Adjustments made across the board to reduce Siege move speed:
    • Bombard move speed reduced to 0.62
    • Springald move speed reduced to 0.88
    • Mangonel move speed reduced to 0.75
Abbasid Dynasty
  • Abbasid Age Up time reduced to 105 for every Age
Abbasid Dynasty and Delhi Sultanate (Shared Changes)
  • Increased Explosive Dhow detonation range from 1 to 2 tiles so it matches the intended explosion radius
  • Dhow damage increased to 10
  • Berry Harvest bonus increased to 30%
  • Berry carry capacity increased to 13
  • Chinese Clocktower bombard health reduced to 600
  • Official Unit can no longer use Supervise on Landmarks

Patch 11009 is expected to launch later this week.

Age of Empires IV is available on PC.

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