Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition Welcomes African Royals

Welcome royalty.
Welcome royalty. Tantalus Media

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is giving everyone the chance to experience history from a different and unique perspective. The African Royals DLC introduces some of the most famous rulers of the continent. It also adds two new civilizations: Hausa and Ethiopians. There are also new maps as well as new achievements.

The two new civilizations allow players to construct a Palace where they can recruit Mercenaries and Alliance Units. This same building also lets them get Imported Artillery, even the new Gatling Camel.

Like any civilization, new heroes are introduced and they come with their own unique abilities. These are the Ethiopian Ras and the Hausa Emir. In general, African heroes have "Chaos" ability. What this does is cause Treasure Guardians to turn against each other. Its effect lasts longer against stronger guardians. African heroes also have the “Fealty Aura” where they improve stats of every nearby allied unit.

In addition to having heroes, each civilization offers these unique units:

  • Ethiopians
    • Gascenya (II)
      • An agile ranged infantry armed with javelins, spear, and shield.
      • It takes on the role of Musketeers and attacks faster the closer it is to the target.
    • Shotel Warrior (II)
      • Shock infantry that can attack quickly and are armed with dual-wielding curved swords.
    • Neftenya (III)
      • Powerful but expensive Skirmisher with high hit points.
    • Oromo Warrior (III)
      • Powerful 3 population heavy-ranged cavalry that shoots faster the closer they are to a target.
      • Has a powerful melee attack.
      • They are great at countering light infantry.
    • Javelin Rider (II)
      • Ranged cavalry.
      • Good against hand cavalry especially in melee.
    • Sebastopol Mortar (IV)
      • A gargantuan mortar that annihilates units and buildings.
      • Slow and expensive.
    • Abun (I)
      • Ethiopian Bishop that can heal friendly units from range.
      • They can heal even when fighting or gathering.
      • They can gather at the Mountain Monastery like a Villager.
  • ​Hausa
    • Lifidi Knight (III)
      • Powerful Heavy Cavalry that has dual resistance.
      • They have exceptional HP but lower damage.
    • Raider (II)
      • Mobile Hand Cavalry that offers decent siege damage.
      • Good against Light Infantry and Villagers.
    • Fulani Archer (II)
      • Foot Archers armed with a short bow for faster attacks.
      • Good against Heavy Infantry and Ranged Cavalry.
      • They can gather Livestock.
    • Maigadi (II)
      • Powerful Heavy Ranged Infantry that has a deadly melee attack.
    • Javelin Rider (II)
      • Ranged Cavalry.
      • Good against Hand Cavalry, particularly in melee.
    • Griot (I)
      • Inspiring musician and storyteller that can increase the work rate of buildings and speed of nearby units.
      • Uses instruments to intimidate enemies and slow their attack speed.

Learn more about this new DLC here.

The African Royals is offered at Steam for $9.99. Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition is available on PC.

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