Age of Empires III Definitive Edition Update 14825: Lunar New Year Event, Bug Fixes, and More

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition
Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition steam

Tantalus Media, the developer of Age of Empires III, released a new update that adds a new event called Lunar New Year Festival. A new challenge known as Bombard Brawl is added too. For this challenge, you have to score the most points by defeating your enemies, but destroying flagged structures will give you the highest points.

Fixes have been applied on multiple issues, such as memory leaks, corruption issues, and game hanging randomly, by the current update. Another exploit where players would get experience for games that end under two minutes is now resolved.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Update

Stability & Performance

  • Implemented fixes for two memory leaks.
  • Fixed corruption issues that could stealthily emerge when tabbed out of the game.
  • Fixed a potential hang and memory leak when launching the game.
  • Fixed an uncommon hang related to cloud saves on certain machines.
  • Fixed a crash on the mission, Bring Down the Mountain (Act II: Ice), when issuing an attack move order to Ka:Nien.
  • Improved the performance when searching for active squads.


  • Fixed a legacy bug where your Town Center could vanish entirely when upgrading to a new Age while a certain animation was playing.
  • Terrain now responds properly to the texture quality setting.
  • Fixed occluded shader for hardware that only supports DirectX 11.


  • Updated the civilization jingles for all civilizations.


  • The Torp and Porcelain Tower will now properly display all their gathering rates in the UI.
  • Added a new Display Resource Gauge on Harvest setting to the options menu. This setting is enabled by default, and displays the remaining resources as a health bar for trees, mines, livestock, and hunted animals with tasked Villagers. When Villagers are re-tasked, the gauge will automatically disappear after one second.
  • Command panels will now display hotkey overlays when enabled in the UI Options settings.
  • Added safeguards to prevent resource bars from showing up above the fog of war layer.
  • Fixed an issue where the health bars of trees and animals were being displayed at all times.



  • Implemented additional improvements to prevent Settlers from getting trapped when building Trading Posts. We are continuing to identify and work towards fixes for other instances where units can get stuck in structures.
  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys could not be used by Villagers and Explorers when using the Default keybind settings.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Enable ALT+Right Click Attack Move” from being disabled in the Hotkeys settings menu.

Exploit Fixes

  • Experience will no longer be awarded for games that end in less than two minutes.


  • Last City of the Inca (Act III: Steel): Improved the enemy AI to present more of a threat, and encouraged the green computer ally to be less “try-hard” so the player can play a meaningful role in the scenario.

You can read more about the update here.

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