Against the Storm: Player Decisions Regarding Glade Events Now More Impactful Thanks to Explorer's Choice Update

Explorer's Choice Update
Explorer's Choice Update Steam

Against the Storm is a city builder where you have to make decisions on how to expand your settlement. This power is punctuated by the game’s recent patch called Explorer’s Choice update. It’s called such because it introduces a new system that makes your decisions about Glade Events more impactful.

New System

Glade Events in Against the Storm are events that trigger when you venture into the Glades - dark shadowy areas normally located on the outskirts of your settlement.

Previously, most glade events only presented you with the same two options: keep the loot or send it to the Citadel. The new Event Choices system in this update expands that by creating more unique and flavorful decisions, with new rewards to keep things more exciting.

So, how does this work? Basically, when you come across some glade events, you will be asked how you want to approach or solve the problem. For example, if you see an Altar of Decay, you’re given two choices. First, you have the option of tearing it down and being rewarded with some loot and the Queen’s Gratitude. Second, you can sacrifice one of your villagers to perform a forbidden ritual, which converts the altar into a decoration that will benefit you.

In addition, some glade events are marked by special symbols for Empathy, Corruption, and Loyalty. Solving an event with such a tag counts as a point in Empathy, Corruption, and Loyalty. Using the same example above, if you sacrifice a villager in the Altar of Decay, the Corruption count of your settlement increases by one point.

Altar of Decay Choices
Altar of Decay Choices Steam

At the moment, these points only influence some perks and are required by certain orders. The function of these points will be expanded in the future.

New Cornerstone

The Explorer’s Choice update also adds a new Stormforged Cornerstone called the Seal Fragment.

Cornerstones in Against the Storm are buffs that can be applied to your settlement. With the new Seal Fragment, every Glade Event solved by making a decision marked as “Corruption” increases the chance of workers producing double yields by 5%. This bonus is added retroactively.


  • Added a new music track to the Coral Forest (during Clearance).
  • Added new animations (talking, carrying out rituals, fixing, threatening) to scout units when solving glade events. Also repurposed some existing animations to be used by scouts.
  • Changed the name of Simple Tools to just Tools.

So, what can you say about the new Event Choices system in Against the Storm?

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