AEW: Fight Forever to Include Casino Battle Royale Mode at Launch

Get ready to wrestle! Yuke's Co.

There are still a few days left before AEW: Fight Forever is officially released. However, we're getting another reason why fans should be excited about this game, and that's Casino Battle Royale Mode, enabled at launch.

For those not familiar with this format, this is a modified "rumble rules battle royale" involving 21 wrestlers. The "Casino" part refers to the special "deck of cards" entry system used by wrestlers. What happens is that wrestlers are divided into different suits: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. Each suit has a specific number of participants. When the card of the wrestler is called, they enter the ring and try to eliminate their opponents by throwing them over the top rope. Once a wrestler has been eliminated, they are removed from the match. The battle continues until only one wrestler remains.

A Wrestling Experience

AEW: Fight Forever offers that nostalgic arcade feel which is sure to make wrestling game purists excited and fantasize about their finishers. It gives fans the chance to pull off those wrestling moves usually seen only on the AEW programming. Some of the features to expect are:

  • Match Types
    • Single Matches
    • Tag-Team
    • 3-Way
    • 4-Way
    • Ladder Matches
    • Casino Battle Royale
    • Falls Count Anywhere
    • Unsanctioned Lights-Out (allows use of weapons)
    • Exploding Barbed Wire Death Matches
  • Career Mode
  • Wide Range of Customization Modes
    • Custom Wrestlers (attire and appearance)
    • Custom Move-Sets
    • Custom Entrances
    • Custom Teams
    • Custom Arenas
  • Online Multiplayer


Pre-orders for the game are now available, including a standard edition for all platforms. There's also the Elite Edition which not only has the base game but also these:

  • The AEW: Fight Forever FTR: Revival Pack
    • Features AEW wrestlers Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler
    • Minigames:
      • JoinUs
      • Deth Race-X
  • The AEW: Fight Forever Limitless Bunny Bundle
    • Features AEW wrestlers The Bunny and Keith Lee PLUS
    • Minigames:
      • MJF Car Thrash
      • Sloth Sling
  • The AEW: Fight Forever Hookhausen Very Handsome, Very Evil Pack
    • Features AEW wrestlers HOOK and Danhausen

The AEW: Fight Forever "Matt Hardy" edition is also available at $59.99 for consoles.

AEW: Fight Forever is launching June 29 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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