A3: Still Alive Celebrates its First Birthday

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday. Netmarble

A3: Still Alive is celebrating its first birthday. As thanks to players, there are many activities and player enhancements to enjoy.

For example, players get to access the new territory called Tuaki, which has:

  • “The Derelict Buried Tomb” equipment dungeon
  • “Red Monster Kazan” world boss
  • “Forest of Change” war zone dungeon
  • “Swamp of Silence” raid

To prepare for the new territory, the Level Cap has been increased to 200. Players also have the chance to earn a series of Level 190/200 items.

In-Game Activities

For its first anniversary, here are the in-game activities available:

  • Legendary 7 Days Attendance Event
    • Earn rewards by logging into the game for seven days.
    • The maximum reward is a 7-star Legendary Soul Linker.
  • Welcome Power-up Mission
    • New and returning players receive extra missions and rewards.
    • Players can get as much as 5 million combat power and other items like the 8-star Legendary Soul Linker or an Ancient Shu.
  • 1 Year Anniversary Coupon
    • Type in code [BACKTOA3] and receive various items and rewards.
  • 1 Year Anniversary Treasure Box Event
    • Players can get two kinds of keys from Guild Festival and other daily content to open the treasure box and receive tons of rewards.
  • New In-Game Server
    • Players can now join the new Tietis server.
  • Legendary 7 days Mission
    • Complete different missions from the game’s standard content.
    • Players can acquire a 7-star Legendary Soul Linker upon completion.

PC Beta Test

A3: Still Alive is available for free on Android and iOS. It’s also available on PC with the ongoing Open Beta. To join, just follow these steps:

  • Launch the downloaded EXE file to install the game and then run it.
  • Log in using the email ID linked to the mobile app.
  • Email must be linked to the mobile app to log into the PC version.
  • Play the game on PC.

Learn more about the Open Beta here.

A3: Still Alive is set in an apocalyptic fantasy world about swords and sorcery. This mobile game combines the experience of an open-world RPG and the combat of battle royale. The game offers PvP and PvE modes.

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