A3: Still Alive to Add INETRIUM in Next Update

An interesting feature.
An interesting feature. Netmarble

INETRIUM has officially been added to A3: Still Alive. This is a result of developer Netmarble completing its blockchain ecosystem integration. Players can expect to see this new feature in an upcoming update.

INETRIUM is a utility token on Netmarble’s own currency known as MBX. What’s going to happen is that a new Level 190-or-above Inetrion Dungeon is set to be available where players can collect Inetrion Ore. Ore collected can then be refined to mint INETRIUM coins. These INETRIUM coins can be exchanged for MBX, which in turn, can then be exchanged for services outside the game.

Pre-Register and Get Rewards

For those interested, pre-registration is ongoing. Two events give out rewards, and the first is a collaboration with KLAY Provision. The second event hands out rewards such as:

  • Blue Diamonds x1000
  • Ancient Ring Chest x1
  • Ancient Necklace Chest x1
  • Ancient Earrings Chest x1
  • Superior Feather of Protection x5
  • Gold x5,000,000
  • Heroic 7-Star Guaranteed Soulstar x1

More Content Arriving Soon

  • Inetrion Express Pass
    • By getting this pass, new players can immediately start their A3: Still Alive adventure at Level 190.
    • This means they can now enter the Inetrion Dungeon.
    • Those who get the Premium Inetrion Express Pass are guaranteed to receive a Combat power of 4.3M with provided equipment, Soul Linkers, and Accessories.
  • ​Holy Artifact Growth System
    • Once players reach Level 200, they can place equipment in the new “Holy Artifact” slots to let certain option stats grow depending on which equipment is placed in certain spots.

A3 Season Pass

Last week, the new season pass was launched which gives players the chance to obtain Diamonds, Gold, and even Auto-Clear Tickets. There's a lot of rewards which you can read more about here. The season pass ends March 17.

A3: Still Alive is set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and sorcery. It combines the experience of an open-world RPG and the combat of Battle Royale. Players can choose to fight enemies through PvE and PvP modes. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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