The 7 Best Esports Videos You Can Enjoy On Amazon Prime

Enjoy these esports videos.
Enjoy these esports videos. Valve

Esports has grown a lot since its humble beginnings. From what was initially being broadcasted in living rooms and livestreams, we now have coverage from multiple sources. Even ESPN has started to enter this world. However, esports isn't just about the games themselves, but also the organizations and people behind it. If you're interested, then you're in luck as we found some interesting videos now playing on Amazon Prime Video.

Inside Military ESPORTS

First on our list is a series that highlights how esports managed to get in the sights of both active and retired military members around the world. Each episode shows coverage from the latest events focusing on military games/players along with interviews from industry experts and military members. There are even tips and gaming strategies as well as an inside look at the esports industry.

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The military and esports.
The military and esports. Amazon

The World of Esports

If you're interested in what it takes to become a professional esports player, then this documentary is for you. Here you get to see the positives and negatives of the industry and how far it has come since the early days of gaming. Dive deep as you get the chance to explore the world of esports.

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A behind the scenes look.
A behind the scenes look. Amazon

Clip: Heart of Champions - eSports Profiles

So what how does it feel being a professional esports player? In this documentary, you get to learn more about the lives of some of the greatest and biggest esports champions. Get to learn more about Dota 2 and Sebastien "7ckngMad" Debs. If you're all about fighting games then take a look at the life of Tekken player Norman "Gen1us" Chatrier or Olivier "Luffy" Hay, the first western player to be Street Fighter champion. You even get to see just how hard life is from the point of view of Counter Strike player Alexia Mengus.

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The best of French gamers.
The best of French gamers. Amazon


This documentary looks at the the rise of Call Of Duty beginning from its launch in 2003 to how it became a global blockbuster. Get to learn more about the epic rich history of this game.

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See the rise of Call of Duty.
See the rise of Call of Duty. Activision

A Gamers Life

Playing video games is fun. For some, it serves as a hobby, while for others it is a way of living. This video follows the story of professional gamers along with that of some amateurs.

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The life of a gamer.
The life of a gamer. Amazon

Arena eSports

Get to enjoy the best of esports and relive some of the major tournaments. Watch how Fnatic won during the Heroes of the Storm Championship Western Clash in Kiev. Get to enjoy the biggest League of Legends players going head-to-head in the Rift Rivals Red held in Taiwan.

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Look back at the different tournaments.
Look back at the different tournaments. Amazon

Living the Stream

Live streaming is something many gamers do nowadays and this video explores the world of streaming on Get to understand why fans tune in for hours and even pay monthy subscriptions. The documentary shows the world of top streamers in the likes of, among others, Pokimane, DisguisedToast, and Scarra.

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The life of a streamer.
The life of a streamer. Amazon
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