Do You Have What It Takes to Win PUBG Fastest Chicken Dinner Challenge?

How fast can you survive?
How fast can you survive? Krafton

It hasn't been long since the Intense Battle Royale mode was introduced through PUBG Labs. It turns out that Krafton has big plans for this new mode with the launch of The Fastest Chicken Dinner Challenge. While the new mode already offers a fast-paced gameplay, this challenge asks players if they have what it takes to be the fastest survivor. This is available to players on both PC and consoles.

If you're interested to test your skill, here's what you need to do:

  • Take a screenshot or video of you winning a game in the Intense Battle Royale mode.
    • A screenshot of the "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" screen or a video of you taking down the last enemy and winning the game with the result screen included.
    • This event is held only in Intense Battle Royale mode.
  • Upload the screenshot/video onto your social media account on one of these platforms:
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Regional platforms
  • Be sure to include these along with your entry:
    • Your PUBG: Battlegrounds in-game nickname
    • Your game platform
    • Required Hashtags:

What do you get for joining this challenge? From submitted entries around the world, 600 winners are selected to receive the Chicken Dinner Spray and Bronze G-Coin Box. Speaking of entries, the submission period is from January 29 to February 13 with the winners announced on February 27.

Here are other important details to keep in mind for this challenge:

  • A single PUBG account may participate only ONCE in this event.
  • Submissions showing games in Intense Battle Royale mode are the only ones that get a chance to be one of the 600 winners.
    • Participants who submit screenshots/videos that are not their own are immediately disqualified and have their rewards withdrawn even after reward delivery.
  • Only entries submitted through the platforms mentioned are counted.
  • The social media post has to be Public so everyone can see it.
    • There should be no viewer restrictions during the event period and until rewards are delivered.

Intense Battle Royale Mode

The Intense Battle Royale mode offers a fast-paced and mini battle royale that has all the essential factors of the traditional battle royale system but at a faster time. What happens is that multiple factors have been simplified to lower the play time. With these factors minimized, players should be able to focus more on the late-game intensity even at the start.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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