4 Of The Best Puzzle Games For The Switch On Amazon

Enjoy playing these puzzle games.
Enjoy playing these puzzle games. Amazon

Even with the popularity of esports increasing, video games are not all MOBAs or shooters. There are different video games that different types of people can play. For those who want to take it slow, a good option is to go for puzzle games. It allows you to relax physically while exercising your brain.

Here are four highly rated puzzle games for the Nintendo Switch that you can get from Amazon.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Talking about puzzles, let's start off with this one. Puyo Puyo Tetris is actually two puzzle games in one and the combination works. The game offers players two modes. The first is the Adventure single-player mode that offers ten unique acts, each having ten stages. In addition, each stage comes with unique challenges players need to hurdle. The second is Multiplayer Arcade, which allows a maximum of four local players to fight against each other. For those who want something that stands out, there is an in-game shop where you can unlock different Puyo and Tetrimino skins, background music, and stages.

Puyo Puyo + Tetris = Fun
Puyo Puyo + Tetris = Fun Amazon

Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase

For those that want another game that offers some nostalgia, then this one is for you. Indeed, this is perfect for those who want to experience this 90s game for the first time along with those who have fond memories of it. One reason for this is that the mechanics are easy to learn and perfect for players of all ages and experience levels. There are four game modes to choose from.

Easy Mode helps new players ease into Soldam and learn the rules. Soldam Mode offers around 200 levels for the more experienced players. Challenge Mode, meanwhile, only has 50 levels, but is sure to test the wits of those who give it a try. Finally there is Showdown Mode, which has players challenge other players.

Revisit this classic.
Revisit this classic. Amazon

Candle: The Power of the Flame

If you're looking for something new, then Candle is it. It offers players an adventure and comes packed with challenging puzzles. In Candle, you play as Teku as he goes on a journey in order to rescue his tribe's own shaman from the evil tribe of Wakcha. There are a lot of sinister traps and obstacles along the way. As Teku, you need to master challenges to move forward.

Try something new.
Try something new. Amazon

Scribblenauts Mega Pack

What makes Scribblenauts Mega Pack interesting is that it allows you to join up with your favorite DC Comics character while exploring many iconic locations like Titans Tower. In Scribblenauts Mega Pack you encounter puzzles and need the power of imagination in order to solve them. Learn more about Maxwell's 41 siblings and come up with unique objects that you can share with your friends online.

Join your favorite DC heroes.
Join your favorite DC heroes. Amazon
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