Four Mobile Game Controller Deals On Amazon

Play better with these mobile game controllers.
Play better with these mobile game controllers. Amazon

Many games continue to debate whether it is better to play on PC or console. However, there is one format that is starting to build its own followers: mobile gaming. Mobile games in the past focused on casual gaming, but lately studios have begun offering MOBA and RTS games for the mobile platform, along with other experiences like battle royale games.

One problem with playing mobile games is that it is difficult to press buttons on the phone or use touch screen controls. This is where the mobile game controller enters the picture. This allows you control your game better and get that needed victory.

Here are four mobile game controllers deals we found on Amazon.

Takyu Mobile Game Controller

Offers less-view blocking.
Offers less-view blocking. Amazon

This mobile game controller ensures that there is less chance of your view being blocked especially with the upgraded version of the 180° rotatable trigger. All you need to do is turn it back when putting the phone in the controller and then move it down before the game starts. This also means it takes up less space.

Its conductive silicone buttons are able to move aiming and shooting to the index fingers. In addition, your thumbs to make your character turn and move, reducing the reaction time and increasing your survival in game greatly. This gamepad has been designed to let your hand feel comfortable and less fatigued after long play sessions.

IPEGA PG-9068 Wireless Gamepad

Energy saving feature available.
Energy saving feature available. Amazon

This wireless gamepad from Ipega needs no driver since it is compatible with android smart phones, tablet PC, TV box, and even a Smart TV. It comes with built-in wireless BT 3.0 which allows control transmission of up to 8 meters. Meanwhile the built-in rechargeable Li-battery ensures a maximum of 20 hours of continuous gameplay especially after being fully charged. It also has an energy saving feature where after disconnection it immediately enters power saving mode. The one key TURBO bursts allows you to make a specific action button by a burst.

PowerLead PG9021 Mobile Gaming Wireless Controller

Comes with telescopic stand.
Comes with telescopic stand. Amazon

The PowerLead mobile game controller supports different platforms such as Android and PC, though it doesn't support iOS. The 3.0 wireless transmission has a range of 6 to 8 meters for operation. It comes with a telescopic stand, allowing your phone to be put right on the controller. Utilizing ergonomics, this controller was designed for the most comfortable thumb positions. You get an optimal feeling when playing.

Megadream Mobile Gamepad Controller

Supports both Android and iOS.
Supports both Android and iOS. Amazon

To get the advantage, some people resort to cheating. With this controller, that doesn't even need to be considered. The Megadream controller makes use of Key Mapping, allowing you to set it up exactly how you want it. In addition to being compatible for both the iOS and Android, it also fully supports different games. The gamepad is fully compatible with both PUBG and Fortnite, among other popular games.

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