6 Video Game-Based Board Games You Can Get On Amazon

Video game-based board games.
Video game-based board games. Hobby Lark

Video games continue to gain popularity all over the world. However, it does not mean that other forms of gameplay are no longer relevant. Board games have also seen amazing growth over the past few years as well.

A good benefit of playing board games is that you can spend time with your friends. Since board games are offline, they can be played anytime and possibly anywhere.

However just because you play board games doesn't mean your freetime can't be related to video games. Here are some board games you can find on Amazon that are based on video games.

World of Warcraft

Based on Blizzard's highly popular MMORPG, this fantasy adventure board game is good for two to six players. Take an adventure across Lordaeron and defeat monsters in order to gain both experience and power. Horde or Alliance? Choose a side and make sure to earn honor for your faction. Players can choose one of 16 heroes from among nine classes and eight races. The game comes with gorgeously crafted components, which include at least 150 sculpted and highly detailed plastic figures which represent multiple races of characters in World of Warcraft.

Horde or Alliance? Make the choice.
Horde or Alliance? Make the choice. Amazon


In XCOM, you and three friends take the roles of the leaders in the international group known as XCOM. You need to defend humanity and fight against an alien invasion while trying to prevent rising panic. Making this board game unique is that it heavily features a highly innovative digital companion app. The app incorporates the very core of the game and promotes a truly unique play experience. The app coordinates a number of events in the game and increases the tension. This board game also makes use of the classic push-your-luck dice rolling system which lets players take heroic risks, even as the aliens intensify their assaults.

Fight the invasion.
Fight the invasion. Amazon

The Witcher

With a series on Netflix set to arrive soon, what better way to celebrate The Witcher series than by playing the board game version? Get to play as either Geralt of Rivia, Yarpen Zigrin, Triss Merigold, or Dandelion, each offering their own unique style and skills. Players need to defeat many foul monsters while also completing quests in order to gain renown. Get the chance to make a unique and unforgettable narrative with every game.

Defeat monsters.
Defeat monsters. Amazon

Sid Meier's Civilization

Seen by many as an exciting board game adaptation of the viceo game, Sid Meier's Civilization has players lead one of the six different historical civilizations to greatness. There are four different ways to win the game: a cultural victory, economic victory, military victory, or a technologic victory. Indeed, players need to have a good strategy and implement it with precision. Are you going to dominate opponents with a powerful army or put your focus instead on technology and be the first to travel to the stars?

Start your civilization.
Start your civilization. Amazon

This War of Mine

This video game made heads turn with its depiction of civilians trapped in a war-torn city. The board game version is a tabletop adaption of that award-winning video game. The game offers a solo version or can be played by up to six players. Get to experience what it means to struggle for survival as civilians in a city caught in a merciless war.

Can you survive?
Can you survive? Amazon


Do you have what it takes to survive a post-nuclear era? Good for one to four players, Fallout puts players in the role of survivors who start the game on the edge of an unexplored landscape. Players need to explore the hidden map, fight ferocious enemies, and of course build the skills of their survivor. The goal is to complete challenging quests and try to balance the different feuding factions within the game. The board game offers four scenarios based on the story lines of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Survive the wasteland.
Survive the wasteland. Amazon
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