Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Kicks Off the New Year with a New Field Boss

Start the new year right!
Start the new year right! Netmarble

It's time to kick off the new year and what better way to do it in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds than with a new update. One of the highlights is the introduction of a new Field Boss, the ancient mechanical dragon Mecharagon which has returned as an even more powerful dragon Corrupted Mecharagon.

In celebration of this new Field Boss, there's a Surprise Field Boss Conquest Event happening from January 11 to January 26. Those able to defeat the Corrupted Mecharagon get Sealed Mecharagon Earrings.

In addition to a new Field Boss, there are also these pieces of new content:

  • Ski-wear costume
  • Extreme Winter Outfit
  • New Rare Darkness Familiar called Relixx

Players can now ride two new mounts: Snow Racer and Eternal Flame.

New Year 14-Day Check-In

Of course, the update wouldn't be complete without new events. The first is the New Year 14-Day Check-In from January 11 to January 16. Players can earn rewards by simply logging in, and the rewards are:

  • Day 1: Gold x100,000
  • Day 2: Domination Medal x500
  • Day 3: Equipment Summon Coupon x10
  • Day 4: Gold x100,000
  • Day 5: Honor Medal x500
  • Day 6: Gold x100,000
  • Day 7: Traditional Otherworld Hat Chest x1
  • Day 8: Costume Summon Coupon x10
  • Day 9: Gold x100,000
  • Day 10: Sprout Point x10
  • Day 11: Purification Medal x500
  • Day 12 Gold x100,000
  • Day 13 Familiar Summon Coupon x10
  • Day 14 Traditional Otherworld Outfit Chest x1

New Year Dice Event

Another event is the New Year Dice Event from January 11 to January 26. The first thing to do is clear event missions and earn dice. The missions are:

  • Mission: Free
    • Obtain Limit: 3/Day
  • Mission: Check in to the Kingdom
    • Obtain Limit: 1/Day
  • Mission: Clear Any Power Up Dungeon x1
    • Obtain Limit: 1/Day
  • Mission: Receive Gifts in Familiars' Forest x1
    • Obtain Limit: 1/Day

Once a player has a die, they can join the event. Then, they simply have to roll the dice and move along the board according to the number displayed on the dice. After that, it's time to claim the reward as shown on the arrived box.

There are also Lap Rewards that players can earn and this is based on the number of laps completed around the board.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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